Windows Has Stopped Working Problem Now Fix It If Unable to Responding Any Action

Troubleshooting Guide To Fix The Error Windows Not Working Issues

Windows is the operating system from Microsoft. Since decades till today, Microsoft has always gave the best operating systems to work with and with every version, the applications are developed with much advanced features that make the user's work easy to easier. From Windows 98 to Windows 10, there is tremendous change in the applications and there quick access. The operating system is compatible with most of the hardware and firmware. Internet Explorer is the in built application in Windows and other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Safari(initial versions), Chrome are also compatible with Windows. Microsoft Windows is the most important part of the life of those people who constantly works on computers and internet.

Who says that everything is perfect? Technology has been developed by human and so technical errors , difficulties and issues are always inevitable. So, Windows have millions of users around the globe , but at the same time , various technical issues arises and reported by many users. One of the common issues is , windows not working. This problem may arise due to other issues like :

  • Windows Start button not working
  • Windows not working after any upgrade
  • Huge space is occupied and thus windows get hanged frequently
  • Unwanted notification or automatic update is ON.
  • Many others.

At Microsoft technical support, user can get the solution of this issue of windows not working/responding error. The few possible solutions are discussed below. 

  • First thing first. Refresh the system for few times.
  • User must check that the operating system is of the latest version
  • Turn OFF the auto update and unnecessary notifications.
  • Make some space by deleting few unwanted files.
  • If there is the problem with operating system upgrade, just boot the system and manage the drives for making some space. Click on Start button.
  • Then go to Accessories, then click on System Tools and then click on Disk Fragmentation. 
  • If the windows Start button is not working , then press Ctrl+Alt + Delete and then click on Sign Out.
  • Sign In again by typing the password.
  • Try to remove and reinstall few drivers.
  • Try disabling any third party antivirus software. Many time they are responsible for windows hanging up frequently, or slow browsing.
  • Use the application Microsoft Start Menu Troubleshooter.
  • Go for Windows check & Repair application. It may correct few corrupted files or may be delete them if necessary.

If still the windows not responding, just call at the Microsoft Windows technical support phone number. This service is available to the users for 24/7. The certified experts are always ready to guide and sort out the problem. User can call at any time and this is the best way to get the solution instantly on the phone. So user must have this number always in his contact list.

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