How to Cancel Mcafee Subscription and Claim for Refund?

Get Complete Information on How to Cancel McAfee Subscription and Auto-Renewal

In the past few years, technology has developed itself to such a great extent that has lead to the development of some great devices like computer and laptops. With great inventions come a few drawbacks that one can encounter at the time if using devices.

Lately, many users have encountered cyber issues when they access the internet using their device. Fortunately, to overcome this issue, the users are offered with Antivirus services that one can install on the device to avoid cyber threats.

To help users ensure the security of the device, multiple companies launched antivirus software that includes, McAfee that offers complete online protection and ensure the safety of the device against the various virus. 

Cancelling McAfee Subscription 

Indeed, the services offered by McAfee antivirus software are finest, but there are a few users who wish to cancel their subscription with McAfee. So, to help users with the procedure to cancel McAfee subscription, here are the detailed steps that one can follow. 

For cancelling McAfee subscription, it is suggested to the users to contact the McAfee support directly to seek required assistance to cancel their subscription. However, one can also follow the steps mentioned below to get a refund on McAfee subscription:

  • For cancelling McAfee subscription, the user is required to visit the official login page for the McAfee account. 
  • Further, the user is required to login to their McAfee account and click on the Avatar present on the top corner. 
  • Now, the user is required to click on the Account option and navigate to the Subscription option. 
  • Then, click on the cancel subscription option present and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm the cancellation. 

And with the completion of these steps, one can easily cancel their subscriptions with McAfee. Still, for the users who are looking for  McAfee auto-renewal cancellation procedure, they can follow the procedure mentioned below. 

Cancelling Auto-Renewal service for McAfee Account

For the disabling auto-renewal service McAfee account, it is required that the user follow the steps mentioned: 

  • Visit the official login page of McAfee and click on My Account option. 
  • Further. login their account and enter the registered email and password of the account. 
  • Once logged in, the user is required to click on the My Account option and click on Auto-renewal settings. 
  • In the particular section, the user can click on the disable auto-renewal option.

Besides, the user can even disable the auto-renewal feature for a particular product of McAfee. However, the user will be offered with a reminder email regarding their subscription renewal.

And with the end of this process, the user can easily confirm McAfee auto-renewal cancellation. Besides, for the users who are wondering how they can seek a refund for the cancelled subscription, they can read out the information provided later in this article.

How to Get a Refund for the Cancelled McAfee Subscription?

As per the McAfee refund policy, the user who has purchased McAfee products and are not satisfied with the services, then one can request the full refund within 60 days of the renewal notice for the purchased subscription. 

For requesting a refund, it is required that the user send a proper email to the service providers. And once they query is accepted, keeping various factors in mind, the user will be offered a refund for their cancelled subscription. 

Hence, this was the complete details on how one can cancel their subscriptions with McAfee and get a refund for the same. So, for the users who wish to cancel their subscription and are willing to delete the McAfee account, they follow the detailed steps mentioned in this article or contact the customer support for assistance and manage their services with McAfee accordingly.


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