How do I speak to a live person at paypal UK?

Paypal is a new generation money transfer method that resorts to an online money transfer process. It provides a secure and transparent medium for transferring money across several platforms. The transactions take place over the internet and you could practically transfer money to everyone in no time. It is an instant method of money transfer and also offers great security as far as online transactions are concerned. 

Nevertheless, there have been recorded instances where people have faced difficulties that may tarnish their overall seamless experience with the application. In such cases, the users are recommended to get in touch with a Live person at Paypal. Since they are professionals, they have the right experience to offer real-time solutions that could help resolve all your issues and problems related to Paypal.

In this paper, we are going to cover in brief how one could speak with a live person at Paypal in the UK. So if you have any doubts or queries regarding the same, then you have come to the right place. What follows next is surely going to help you with answering all your doubts and queries that one may have as far as Paypal is concerned. 


How do I speak to a Live Person at Paypal UK?

In order to establish contact with a Live Person in the UK, there are several things that one might resort to and we are going to cover details regarding the same in this paper. All you need to follow this pace and you will get answers to all your probable questions. 

If you are willing to call the Paypal representatives, then you need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

  • Start by dialing this number 1-888-221-1161

  • After dialing the above-mentioned number, you need to press #.

  • Select ‘2’ and say ‘Speak to a Paypal representative’. 

Once you are done with the steps mentioned above, the next you will be allocated a waiting time and thereafter you will be connected with a Paypal live person. The Live person will be able to provide great assistance and help as far as your doubts and queries are concerned. 

There is a list of few numbers that could also be contacted if you need help and assistance from Paypal customer care. All you need to do is call on the numbers mentioned below:

  • If you are calling outside the USA, then you must stick to dialing 1-402-935-2050

  • If you would like to connect with Paypal credit customer service, then you are advised to dial 1-866-528-3733.

  • If you would like to connect with Paypal support then you must connect with customer care at 1-888-221-1161.

If you are looking for live chat support, then you must know that Paypal does not support Live chat and therefore you will not find any such option.


Paypal community Support

Paypal provides chat services to all the users which are easily available on the Paypal community website. You could connect with the support on Wednesdays and Fridays. The timings are as follows:

  • Wednesday 1 to 2 pm PT 

  • Friday 4 to 5 pm GMT 

I hope this helps with Paypal UK customer service, for more details, follow this space regularly.


PayPal is known for its online payment service with which you can always make payments and bills related to day to day errands. All you need is to attach your bank details. However, sometimes people try to make any payment and it gets stuck and the transaction fails and the money gets deducted. If you faced any similar issue then you can contact them for a refund.

Ways of applying for a refund from PayPal

if you are wondering as How to contact PayPal for a refund, take the help of the following information tips.

  1. The simplest way to apply for a flight refund is through an email. You can simply write an email and then brief about how your payment failed abruptly and also attach details such as transaction id and the date of payment.
  2. You can apply for a failed transaction for 180 days till it’s done. And in case the payment is still pending then it would get refunded automatically within 30 days. However, you can cancel it on your own by going to the settings section.
  3. Also, you can contact the seller directly about the refund. However, if the vendor or the seller refuses to grant the payment then you can claim a dispute online on the PayPal website only.
  4. If you made the payment on PayPal via credit card or debit card and you apply for the refund then it would be done on the card only. You will get back the money within 30 days exactly.
  5. If you apply for the refund immediately after purchasing something then PayPal will make sure to refund the amount in seven to ten days precisely.
  6. Moving on, if you want to check on the status of your refund then you can contact PayPal directly for that, and then they will give you the updated information and you would be done.

And hence that’s all! In case you have more doubts related to the refund then contact PayPal customer service by calling or email.

Is PayPal customer service good?

There’s no doubt that PayPal services are just the best for all kinds of digital payment exchange activities and other payment-related services. In fact, PayPal’s customer service is also as best its services and have been helping a customer with their issues and queries for years. Here’s the list of the most common problems with which the PayPal experts can help you:

  • Fraudulent activities
  • Account recovery
  • Password reset
  • Payment related issues (transfer/receive funds)
  • Banking and card related problems
  • Network outage
  • Disabled and blocked accounts
  • Other issues.

Now, if you are someone who is residing in the United Kingdom, and have been looking for technical expertise, then you can easily get in touch with the paypal uk customer service via either phone, live chat, email, social media, or the UK mail address.

Benefits Of Contacting PayPal Customer Services In UK

  • The experts at PayPal customer services are available 24/7.
  • They provide on-time assistance and ensure that you do not face any issues with your PayPal app or services.
  • Reliable solutions are provided.
  • All-time-assistance on any of the PayPal app issues via secured mediums.
  • 100% assurance of technical support.

Moreover, if you have queries and doubts, then feel free to connect with the PayPal UK customer service team and get relevant help regarding your PayPal app and services.

Does it cost to call PayPal UK? 

When using PayPal, its officials understand that users might get stuck in such a situation that they would need them. So, they have introduced a separate and dedicated service to help users and resolve their issues. If you are also such a user who is stuck when using PayPal and are clueless about what shall be done then you are welcomed to contact its customer service. 

To know if you need to pay for the assistance then you can refer to the information further. 

Learning How Much Does PayPal Experts Assistance Can Cost! 

Paypal has introduced assistance for users on different platforms. These are mentioned below. 

  1. The helpline number from PayPal is the toll-free number that is 24/7 active and can be contacted using the phone. 

  2. Users who use the PayPal UK customer service helpline number shall be getting assistance without paying any kind of fee. 

So, if you are stuck and want to get the PayPal issue resolved then you are most welcomed to call the experts and explain the issue. Users also have the option to use other platforms like chat support, email, or even social platforms like Twitter or Facebook. All the platforms are 24/7 active and will be given on the spot assistance without asking any extra fee.

How do I email PayPal UK?

Users who are stuck when using PayPal and do not know what shall be done then you can not panic. To get rid of this issue you are always welcomed to contact PayPal customer service. But, if you have contacted the toll-free number but could not get a response then you can choose another method. 

You have the option to drop an email to them. If you want to know how to drop the email and contact PayPal UK customer service then you can refer to the steps mentioned further in this article. 

Steps to Know How to Email to PayPal UK! 

  1. Start by logging into the PayPal account from from the search bar at the top. 

  2. Click on the “Contact Us” option from the bottom of the page and choose the “Email Us” option. 

  3. A new screen gets displayed in front of you with the PayPal email page asking your concerns. Explain the issue and when you are done tap “Submit”. 

  4. A small dialogue box is displayed that your response is submitted and you will be updated within 24-48 hours. 

You are required to wait to get the answers and you will be getting answers which is the best possible resolution.  


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