How to Fix if yahoo mail can't connect to server?

Learn the Ways to Fix Yahoo mail unable to connect to Server on Your Devices

Yahoo is a web-based email service provider on the internet to share and transfer a file across the internet. Many of the users are using it for sending/receiving emails or advertisements and for storage purposes too.

 For instance, if the user has to check some important mail in the inbox but the yahoo account is not accessible due to server failure to so for this fix, you must have the basic knowledge to fix this issue yahoo mail can’t connect to the server.

Yahoo mail Can not connect to server

Stick with the steps of Yahoo mail can’t connect or connection failed to the server

At the beginning of the process, the user needs to thoroughly check the internet connection to fix the error.

  • Restart your phone to check to fix the error if not fixed.
  • You have to re-enter the mail id; the user can able to resolve the issue.
  • Server connection failure can be resolved by changing the account password of the mail.
  • Further, by moving the emails to another folder might work for resolving the issue.
  • Users can contact the network administrator to know the server issues.
  • By resetting the Network settings of the phone or device, the user can use the yahoo mails for fixing this issue.
  • Apart from the above points, you can go for the factory reset of the mobile device.

Some other ways to fix the problem of Yahoo mail can't connect to a server on Mobile (iPhone/android)

Check server status

  • If the user is unable to access the yahoo account, the user should check the server status as well and makes sure that the yahoo mail server is working completely or not.
  • Maintain the network or the range of signals.

Steps to Reset Network Settings on your phone

Go to the Settings > next move to the General >move to Reset > in the last step reset Network Settings

  • After following the above, Enter the details of the passcode
  • Choose the way to Reset Network Settings
  • Restart your phone or the device.

Learn security steps to protect yahoo account

  • Users can change the password to up-to-date the privacy of the account.
  • Users can choose a stronger combination of the password.
  • You can Keep active the Two-factor authentication to secure the yahoo account.
  • You should answer the Security question that should be easy to remember. 

Need to Fix Essential Settings in Yahoo Mail

Sometimes, getting Yahoo emails on other email programs becomes a bit difficult. This happens when you don't know how to configure your Yahoo email IMAP and SMTP settings for incoming and outgoing emails. If you're also facing the same issue with your Yahoo Mail account and thinking how to fix IMAP and POP settings in Yahoo Mail. Then you should go through this post to get complete information to enable POP in Yahoo mail. So, go through the information and instructions mentioned below and fix the issue.

Make Sure all Yahoo Mail Setting should be Fixed

Post Office Protocol a.k.a POP is a way to receive Yahoo mail on your mobile app or desktop. It downloads copies of emails coming to your account so that you can move and delete them without making any changes to your original emails. Also, you need to keep somethings in mind in order to Enable POP in Yahoo Mail which are as follows:

Incoming Mail (POP) Server

  • You need to set the server at to receive emails on the Yahoo Mail account. 

  • Also, you should set the port at 995 and it requires SSL - Yes. 

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server

  • For outgoing mail, you need to set the SMTP server at

  • Choose the port 465 or 587. 

  • It requires SSL, Yes and if available then it requires TLS Yes.

  • Also, it requires authentication to be set Yes. 

Your Login Info

  • You will require to enter your full email address including the domain name like

  • Then you have to provide your account password and give the authentication for your account to make changes in it. 

Besides, if you are using more than two devices to connect your Yahoo Mail account and want to get the same thing by syncing the account. You will require Yahoo IMAP settings modifications. To do so, you can follow the given instructions. 

Yahoo Mail IMAP Settings 

First thing first, to access Yahoo mail in an email program, you are required to open the new wizard of the program and enter the following entries:

  • Set your Yahoo Mail IMAP server at

  • In IMAP Port, you have to select 993. 

  • For TLS/SSL, select Yes. 

  • Further, enter your full Yahoo email address i.e

  • Also, in the IMAP password, enter your Yahoo account password. 

Whenever you configure Yahoo mail IMAP settings, you will also require to configure your SMTP settings as it governs sending the outgoing emails.  

What is My SMTP Server for Yahoo Mail?

  • For outgoing emails, you need to set the SMTP server for yahoo mail at

  • Choose the port 465 or 587. 

  • It requires SSL, Yes and if available then it requires TLS Yes.

  • Also, it requires authentication to be set Yes. 

This is how you will be able to configure your POP, IMAP, and SMTP settings for your Yahoo account. And in this way, you won't see any problem while configuring the above instructions. Also, there are times when you may see some problems while doing the above instructions, in such a case, you can contact the Yahoo mail support team to enable POP in Yahoo Mail. Moreover, the team will help you around the clock hence dial the phone number at any time to get assistance from Yahoo tech support.

 Take the Full assistance from the Yahoo customer service Team

Users have numerous options to connect yahoo customer service so that you can share your information with them in a simple and secure way. For More Information Please Visit

 Learn the services provided by Yahoo customer service.

  • Users can ask them to recover the emails and the password of the account.
  • You can use a two-step verification method to fix the issue
  • Even you can learn the ways to recover old or deleted mail.
  • Users can configure the settings of the yahoo account with the help of support.
  • Temporary issue of Yahoo mail.
  • You can learn the ways to synchronize yahoo mail.
  • Stay on call until and unless your query is completed.

Consider and adhere to the above information to fix the issue of yahoo mail can’t connect to the server. If required you can take assistance from the yahoo mail Support Number 24 by 7, 365 days a year and 7 days a week. It is recommended to read all the basic aspects carefully before moving ahead to fix the issue of yahoo mail connection to the server. It is mandatory to keep active the features of the account to prevent attacks of cybercriminals.

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