If Safari is slow, stops responding, quits unexpectedly and safari not loading pages on mac how to fix this issues


Safari is the default browser of Apple and it can get a real headache when Safari is slow, stops responding or has other issues. These issues are because of Internet plug-in, Safari Extension or other add-on. The internet plug-ins, Safari extensions, and other add-ons are made for enhancing or customizing the browsing experience. If Apple Safari not working or Apple Safari not responding, then there may be a chance that the add-ons present on internet & installed as a part of the software or app might have caused the trouble. For correcting the issue, you can do following things:                                                apple safari not working or responding


You just have to turn off Safari Extensions so that you can see whether any of it is causing any issue.

  • Right from the Safari Extension, you just have to choose “preferences”.
  • Now, you have to click the Extensions icon and then simply select any extension that is present in the list.
  • After the above steps, deselect the Enable checkbox so that you can turn off that specific extension.

If you find out that the issue has been resolved after turning off that extension, then you have to check for the updates of the extension by clicking Updates present in the lower left corner of the screen. Or you can simply remove that extension by just clicking the Uninstall button.


To check whether any internet plug-in or any add-on is causing the trouble, you can remove them. For finding these, you just have to quit Safari and then open Library folders.

  • Open the Library folder that is at the top level of the hard drive from the Finder. You can do so by choosing Go and then Go to Folder right from the menu bar. After that, you have to type /Library and simply click on the button “Go”.
  • You will get the Library folder in the home folder. You have to open it by holding the Option and while choosing Go and then Library straight from the menu bar.

The folder has folders for add-ons and you can move any files present in folders to trash.

  • Internet Plug-ins
  • Input methods
  • Input Managers
  • Scripting additions

If the problem resolves by removing files from the folders, quit Safari again and put back files till you find the one causing the problem.

  • Open trash and select any one file you removed and put back. File will return back to the folder.
  • Check Safari by opening it:
  1. If issue is back, the file has been identified and you must not use it or get it updates.
  2. If issue doesn’t come back, quit Safari and repeat the process.

 If the problem is Safari not loading pages on mac, then you have o check Safari extensions or you can try to remove the cookies, cache or the other website data. You can do following things:


If you are logged in with account that’s restricted by Parental Controls, then you have to check the administrator to see whether you can get access to the site that you’ve been trying to.


There are some Safari Extensions which block ads and website content can prevent you from viewing the webpage. Turn off those extensions and reload Safari.

  • Choose Safari and then Preferences.
  • Now, click extensions.
  • Select one, then deselect checkbox “enable extension.” Repeat this for all extensions. 

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