GPS not working

GPS is the abbreviated name of Global Positioning System. In this, the US government has owned a radio navigation system which is satellite-based. It is used globally as a global navigation satellite which provides the info related to time and geolocation to the receiver using GPS anywhere or the earth.

The signals of the GPS get weak due to buildings and mountains, etc. which results in improper working of the GPS. This feature is present in the smartphone which is the basic requirement of today’s world. Nowadays the GPS facility can be used to find nearby places, locate any unknown address, and many other activities are there which can be completed using this feature. In case of GPS not working on iPhone, the user has to try out some fixes. List of fixes is mentioned below:

GPS not working on iphone 6

  • The basic quick fix for the issue is to check some of the important factors that are as follows
  • The settings is tapped, then privacy and then toggle OFF the location services and ON it in few seconds.
  •  The Airplane mode is toggled in the Settings option.
  •  The option of Wi-Fi is toggled to check the working of GPS.
  • And finally, Cellular data is toggled in the cellular option.
  • To fix the issue of GPS not working, soft Reset of iPhone could be done.
  • The LTE should be turned OFF. This option could be found in the Settings>Cellular>Cellular Data Options>Enable LTE and toggle OFF. Try using GPS, if still not working, enable it again.
  • The Network settings of the iPhone could be reset by selecting the option in the Settings.
  • The Location & Privacy of the iPhone could be reset in order to use the GPS service in iPhone.

Another fix is there, in which the user needs to drain the battery. After draining it completely, the iPhone is charged again to the full battery. The user then needs to check whether the issue of GPS not working is resolved or not.

There could be a possibility that iOS system needs repair. It could be done by hard reset or other possible options which would lead to the repair of iOS resulting in the working of GPS in iPhone.

If still the issue of GPS not working on iphone 6 is not resolved, the technical support centre of Apple can be contacted for the same. The technical executives will understand the issue by discussing and provides the relevant and useful solution to the users. The contact details for reaching the support could be found on the Apple’s official website.


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