How to Fix Roku Error Code 001?

Check Out the Several Facts about the Roku Error 001, and Resolutions for Fixing It

Roku is a streaming player used by several numbers of people nowadays. Although the Roku device usually works fine, sometimes it may show a few errors. Error code 001 is one of the most commonly faced issues by a Roku device user. However, in case you are not much clear about what exactly is this Roku error code 001, and the reasons behind its occurrence, kindly refer to the data given below. Here you will gain all the necessary knowledge about the Roku error code 001 precisely, starting from the beginning.

What is the Error code 001?

Error code 001 signifies the Roku activation issue with the streaming player. In another way, it is an activation code error, which prohibits the Roku device from operating with the streaming player properly. Therefore, the Roku error code 001 is an issue, which causes the server to deny the activation code, hence unable to connect Roku with the streaming device.

Instructions For Resolving Error Code 001, and How to fix the Roku error code 001?

Moreover, the Roku error code 001 can be fixed by the user itself with the help of a few simple methods. Hence, in case you are unable to connect to Roku service 001, and looking for the suggestion to resolve this error, then refer to the methods discussed below:

Check Activation Code

  • In case the error code 001 is occurring due to the wrong activation code, then you have to correct it first as explained below:
  • Firstly, re-check the activation code you have entered by ensuring its correctness
  • You need to turn off the Caps Lock before typing the activation code correctly
  • You can also generate a new activation code by clicking the link in case the previous code is  not working

Check the Internet

Roku device needs proper internet connectivity to work properly, hence the problem with the connection may also cause the error code 001. Therefore, you need to follow the enlisted steps for checking your internet connection:

  • Open the settings for the internet in your device
  • Then select the LAN settings, and correct it
  • Next, go to the Ethernet option to check its setting
  • Later, also reset your router, then check the error code 001 gone or not

Correct the Server

As the Roku error code 001 is also caused due to the server issue, hence you have to check it for fixing it. Kindly follow the given steps to correct the server, and fixing error code 001:

  • Open the internet setup first for obtaining the IP address of web page using DNS server
  • Then, open an IP socket and use HTTP data stream for the communication
  • Next, you have to check that the socket is sending back the data t you
  • Hereafter, you need to reconnect the server by using this IP address

In what conditions Roku error 001 happens?

The occurrence of the Roku error code 001 depends on the various conditions. Some of the most common conditions of the Roku error 001 are enlisted below:

  • one of the main factors of the Roku error 001 is the wrong activation code, which is entered mistakenly by you with the spelling error or the mistyping of a digit.
  • The Roku device setup incorrectly is also a condition for causing the error code 001. Hence, you have to be careful at the time of setting up the Roku device, therefore you can avoid the condition of error code 001.
  • Slow internet connection is also the main condition behind causing the Roku error 001. It is very essential that the speed of the internet data you are using is high enough to avoid such conditions.

Moreover, you are suggested to dial the Roku customer service number for resolving the error code 001, if unable to fix it on your own. Roku customer care service includes an expert team of professionals. This customer care team of the Roku is positively available all the time to help its customers in conditions like this, where the users are facing some issues with the device. Therefore you can get a proper resolution from the technical executive regarding your query about the error code 001.


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