How do I turn on Yahoo mail notifications on my Phone?

How do i turn on Yahoo mail Notifications?

How to Turn on Notifications in Yahoo Mail?

Today is the time when social media platforms have started taking over the internet world! But still, there are a lot of people who still use emails for communicating online. Exchanging messages online with the help of mail in today’s time is mostly done for official purposes. If you are a professional employee then you would only use mails to interact with your colleagues and clients.

Yahoo Mail

Of the entire digital platform used for exchanging emails, Yahoo messenger is probably the oldest and mostly used email service provider. A lot of people are active on Yahoo for both personal and professional communication in their social circle.

Turning on notification for Yahoo mail

Yahoo Mail turns on notification sound: A lot of times while working on a phone or laptop, we often end up missing important mail notifications only to receive it later. And to avoid this kind of issue on the digital platform, you can simply enable notifications from the Yahoo mail. This feature of the Yahoo app will notify or alert you whenever there is a new mail in the inbox. Moreover, you can also get all the important application update notification from time to time. And hence this way, you can update the new version of Yahoo Mail.

Process of turning on Yahoo mail updates

Since the Yahoo app can be accessed on any kind of device, mainly android and iPhone devices hence to turn on the notification for this app also has different steps for both the devices. The steps to turn on Yahoo mail notifications iPhone are different from the android and vice versa. Hence to find out about the steps in detail, tap below.

How to Turn on Yahoo Mail Notifications on iphone?

Steps to turn on Yahoo mail notifications in the iPhone device.

  1. If you use an iPhone device and have a Yahoo account then simply unlock your phone and visit the settings section
  2. Now under the settings section, tap on the notifications icon
  3. Under notification section, you will get a few options from which you can select Yahoo mail
  4. Under Yahoo, the mail option now chooses to allow notification pop up and for the detailed information kindly double click on the pop-up menu.

And you are done with enabling notifications for all kinds of mails and pop-ups from your yahoo mail on the iPhone account. Similarly, if you want to turn off the notifications of your Yahoo app then you can even do that by going back to settings and following certain steps.

For Android:

Turning on updates in any android device

Needless to say, those android devices are kind of different from iPhone and hence have different steps from the iPhone for turning on the Yahoo notifications. Hence to find out about the ways for Yahoo mail notification android, tap below.

Steps to turn on android notification of yahoo mail

  • To turn on notifications in Yahoo mail for android device, go to the device’s settings link first of all
  • Now tap on notifications and app
  • Moving on the look for yahoo mail and click on it
  • Next, move to notifications links and click on the show notification option and move ahead.

And hence this way you can easily get all the popups or reminders related to your Yahoo account in android phone or laptop.

If Yahoo notifications not working in android devices

Once you have enabled your Yahoo notifications, now you can enable or disable depending upon your choice. However, a lot of users often complain about not getting notifications on their android devices which is a very common issue. In fact, a lot of other application goes through the same issue. Hence if you are also not receiving any update from your yahoo account then don’t panic. Here are the steps that you can follow to fix the issue.

Ways to fix Yahoo mail notification on android

  • First of all, check your internet if it’s working fine or not. Mostly if a user is waiting for any mail or update and it does not pop up the device screen, the reason could be the network error.
  • Secondly, check if your inbox has enough space for the new mails to pop up or not. Mostly if the mailbox of android devices is full then the fresh and new mails are not able to pop up on top
  • Check if in case mails have gone into another folder or maybe spam because of which they don’t pop on top.
  • Clear all the cache files and cookies for the application to work properly.

And you are done with the steps and ways to turn on notifications in Yahoo mail. For any doubt, contact the customer care team.

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