How Do I Fix If Gmail Account Not Working Or Responding

Suddenly Gmail Account Has Stopped Working Want to fix It Now ?


Why Gmail account not working:

The reasons behind the Gmail account not working may be many. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Invalid email address: There is a possibility of typing incorrect email address. Sometimes, user place incorrect symbols.
  • Invalid Password: Despite entering the correct username, Gmail does not load. One possible reason for this cause is the incorrect password. Hence, try again by retyping the password of your Gmail account.
  • Slow Internet Connectivity: If both username and password are correct and the Gmail won’t load, it is advised to check your internet connectivity. Sometimes, due to the slow internet speed, Gmail either do not load or take long time to load.
  • Your account has been suspended by the Google: For this reason, you should contact the customer support team of the Google.

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Possible reasons behind Gmail inbox not working:

  • First of all, check your internet connection. Due to slow internet speed, it take more time to load inbox.

  • If you are not receiving any emails in your inbox folder, check your spam folder. It is also advised to check the Filters settings of your account.

How to fix the issue of unable to load Gmail:

  • Check that you are using the web browsers supported by Gmail. Some of the supported browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, etc.

  • Make sure that the browser you are currently using has cookies and JavaScript enabled.

  • Sometimes the extensions of the browsers prevent Gmail from opening. Check the extensions by temporary turning them off one by one.

  • Try clearing browser’s cache and cookies.

  • Gmail Labs: Go to settings, click on Labs and disable the labs if any of them is enabled.

In case the above steps do not work, you can contact the Google customer support team.

How to create group in Gmail App:

Creating contact groups in Gmail let you send an email to various recipients simultaneously. In the desktop version of Gmail, you can create multiple contact groups easily, but the same feature is currently unavailable in Gmail app. Still, you can use your android phone to create contact groups and the same groups will also be available in your Gmail contact list. Steps for how to do create groups are listed below:

  • First of all, open the built-in Contacts app on your smartphone and tap on the Groups option.

  • This will open the Groups window. In this window, some predefined contact groups are available such as Family, Friends, etc. You can either use these predefined groups or create new ones.

  • To create a new contact group, tap on ADD option. Now, type your group name and import contacts from your contact list of the phone.

  • When you are done, tap on Save option. Your group will then be saved.

  • Now, to view all the created groups on your phone in your Gmail account, open your Gmail account on computer. Make sure that you have synced your contact list with your Gmail account and you are using the same Gmail account.

  • After opening your Gmail account on the computer, click on the Gmail down arrow available on the top left side of the panel. Then, click on Contacts. This will open your contact list in the new tab of your browser. In that list, all your contact groups are available in the Labels tab, which is available on the left side.


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