YouTube Channel Account Suspended: How To Get It Back?

How to Recover Suspended YouTube Account in Just 2 Hours in a Quick Way

Many YouTube users may face account suspension messages from the YouTube by flagging your YouTube videos on the platform. YouTube has generally flagged the videos if you had crossed some community guidelines which are considered as a violation of the content on the platform. So, YouTube sends the user with warning strikes which expired within six months. After six months, the YouTube platform again reviews the standing of the account. It also leads to permanent account termination if the user made any violations additional to the previous. If the YouTube channel account suspended here, you can go to find the tips.

What happen if your YouTube channel suspended?

If your YouTube channel suspended, the platform would not display your videos to the audience, and you can no longer see the videos. So, it is better to store your videos which can be helpful during the situations if they arrive, unfortunately. After the suspension of the YouTube channel, even the Google plus is also will not be visible to the user.

Here is few amazing YouTube Statistics (Till Jan 2018):


YouTube TV Paying Subscribers: 300,000
Number of Videos Shared to Date: 5+ billion
Number of Users Creating Content Shared to Date: 50 million
Average Viewing Session: 40 minutes, up 50% year-over-year
Number of Videos Watched Per Day : 5 billion
Number of mobile YouTube views per day: 500 million
Number of Videos uploaded per minute: 300 hours

There are several reasons due to which your YouTube account may get suspended.

  • Repeated violations of the Community Guidelines or Terms of Service
  • A single case of severe abuse (such as predatory behavior or spam)
  • Accounts dedicated to a policy violation (hate speech, harassment, impersonation, etc)

In any case, if your account is get suspended then everything is NOT over yet! There is a possibility that you can recover your YouTube account.

Please note following points for suspended YouTube account.

  • YouTube will not delete your channel
  • Your videos will still available for viewers to watch
  • Users can still subscribe your channel

That means your channel will grow even if the account gets suspended. So don’t abandon your channel even if it gets suspended from YouTube.



Recovery Process

Recover/Restore Suspended  Youtube Account

1.  Once your YouTube account gets suspended then you will get a mail from YouTube which will inform you about its action. Now, if you will try to login into your YouTube account you will be redirected to Unable to access a Google product, This page will say.

2. Other stuff written on this page will try to tell you that why your account gets suspended, frankly you didn’t need to read it because you already know the reason.

The last line of this page is important which tells about the process by which you can recover your account.


Next steps for suspended accounts: If you believe your access to this product was suspended in error, contact us.”


You can see a link on the “contact us” a text, click on it.

3. A form will open which will ask three things

  • Email address you use to sign in to your Google Account *
  • Email address we can use to contact you
  • Please briefly explain why you think your access was suspended in error. Please include any relevant information that you believe could have caused the suspension. *

Write following text in last input field


Suspension of my YouTube account is an error because I didn’t violate any terms & conditions of YouTube.  My Channels have 75 (Write your count) videos and 3500000 (Write your video views) Views.  All my videos are originally created by me. Please recover my account as soon as possible.

Submit this form, and you will get acknowledgment mail from google at your given email it.

If everything gets fine it will take only a few hours and google will unblock your YouTube account. For my own account, it takes only 2 hours.

Suppose a case where you actually violated YouTube’s terms. In that case, too you can recover your account. It may take some time (6 – 12 months) to recover it.  Keep trying every month and never lose your hope.


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