How to Fix "Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Not Working"? - Complete Guide

Check out the Essential Points to Fix the issue of Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock Not Working

Today the phone technology has outreached all the development of gadgets. Almost everyone uses a smartphone and literally spends all day scrolling through the screen. And just because the mobile phone is one of the basic necessities hence a lot of companies are active in the field of mobile production. And every day a lot of new technology is becoming the talk of the town. The latest addition in the phone technology is facing lock feature by Google. After setting milestones in the internet world, Google has now launched its own set of mobile phones under the name Google pixel.

Issues in the Face Unlock Feature

Face unlock feature of Google pixel phone enables the users to unlock the phone without having to type the keypad. This unique security feature helps to unlock the phone without the fear of someone else accessing your own device. Now sometimes users face the pixel 4 face unlock issue because of which they are not able to access their phone. Hence if you face the same then you can find out the reason and try to fix the issue.

Reasons Behind Pixel’s Face Recognition Not Working

If you are also facing the issue of Phone lock not working then it could be because of many possible reasons. To find out, here is the list of the reasons.

If your phone updates you about the latest version then a lot of users start updating the phone. And most of the time when you do system updates, a lot of inbuilt features stop working or change the way of working. Face unlock is one of them. Because of any latest update, the face unlock might stop working normally with the notification ‘can’t verify the face’

We often spend a major part of our day using the phone. And if you have been using the device for a long time then there are chances of it hanging. In case your device starts hanging than in that case few features would stop responding for a few minutes including face unlock

Now if your internet is not working even then the phone faces issues

Suppose you forgot the password of your phone and tried unlocking with the wrong password. In that case, face unlocks will also not work.

And that’s because of which pixel 4 can’t verify face. To fix it, follow the below steps.

Essential Steps to Fix the issue of Google Pixel 4 Not Working

If the phone starts hanging and the face lock does not work then leave it for a few minutes and clear all the cache files. It will be fixed automatically

If the problem still persists then you can reboot the phone and all the features will start working again

Suppose if you have tried all the steps possible and your phone is still not working then try the factory reset method. With the help of this method, your phone will start working.

And hence you can try these above steps if pixel 4 faces unlock stopped working on your phone. But sometimes the issue is serious and people are still not able to fix the issue of the phone. Then, in this case, you can contact the customer care team of Google. You can mail or call them for your issue and they will guide you with the solutions.


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