Short Tips to Fix If Google Play Store in not working or responding on android, iphone, mac

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Let us know why Google play store not working or responding:

Google play store is the only source from where we can download and install the required apps in our mobile phones. Think once what will happen when the play store stops working, may be it would be the reason for your headache. Although Google Company has designed such store with higher study but few complications come out necessarily. People use to say google play store not working in their mobile as well as in the computer. There could be many reasons like your internet connection might be of lower intensity. Cookies in your mobile demands for clearance, also the storage space running out could be there. So it is recommended that whatever the device you are using that must be fluent running in condition and enough storage capacity should be there.

google play store not working or responding

Now the question arise that what should do in such false and unfavorable situation. There is nothing to lo lot just remember the points given below and more on just contact any expert of this process.

How to fix the issues when Google play stops working or responding:

  • Check and verify your connection, your connectivity to the server should be strong.
  • Update Google play service to the latest version.
  • Open the browser and clear all the cookies from your device.
  • Clear all the previous session or clear your history even with the saved password.
  • Make sure storage capacity of the system is enough.
  • Add an additional memory card in your device i.e. mobile.
  • Google play store should be signed in by an authentic google mail.
  • Try to access google play with an alternate email address.
  • Try to operate your google play store with another mobile number.
  • You can simply reboot your android mobile phone and start it again.

If  google play store not responding 

Most of the chances are there that your Google play store will start working after going through all the given correction process. These steps are verified by several enthusiast of the android. Most of the new users complain that google play store not responding due to some reasons. They are advised to follow the above steps and resolve their contentions. Google services are supposed to be best services all over the world and thus glitches related to it become point of concern. Gmail, Youtube, Google map and Google play store have become most essential services in our daily life. So if Google play store stops responding then there is nothing to worry about.

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