Internet not working on iPhone

Know about the Issues and solutions for internet not working on iphone

Internet is the network through which all the networks in the world are connected. It is connected to all networks by electronics, wireless, wired means of communication. It is the most important thing in today’s technological world.

Internet not working

In case, the internet is not working, it causes a huge mess for everyone connected to that particular network. The internet is accessible and the most desirable thing on the mobiles too. There can be a number of reasons for internet not working:

The very first and common reason for internet not working on phone is complete loss or usage of mobile data. In that case, it would only work when connected to the Wi-Fi. And the mobile data can be used only when the data is refilled and it is according to the Internet service providers.

In other cases, sometimes the internet speed is so slow that the user thinks the internet might not be working. But by checking the network bars on the top, it can be seen whether it is slow or not working. In this situation, the service provider needs to be contacted for speed upgrade.

Most of the times, the low-tech fixes works out to be the best. In this, just switch off the phone and leave it for few seconds and then turn on again. In most of the cases, it works.

If the switching-off technique doesn’t work, them go for the restart again by taking out the SIM card slot out and then put in back in few seconds. It may work.

Another option is, go for some technical things. The user needs to check the APN settings for the internet.

Other than these, there are number of reasons for internet not working on phone.

Still if it is not working, the user needs to contact the Internet service provider in order to resolve the issues coming up.


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