Why is Google not working on iPhone, How do I fix Google app has stopped working, Why is Google not working on android?

Google not working on iphone

You Need to fix Google not working on iPhone and android device - Follow the Simple Troubleshooting Method

On the digital platform, Google is one of its own kinds of a masterpiece. More than half of internet users today use Google for their online activities. And if you want, all you have to do is sign up a Google account and start exploring all of its features.

If Google not working on devices -What to Do if Google can't verify my account

Today, Google app is indeed setting benchmarks by introducing several interesting features but still, there are a lot of users who complain of Google app not working on their devices. Google app can be run on both android as well as Apple devices. Hence if Google stops working, it could possibly be because of the issue in your device first. Hence before deciding for the solution, you should first try finding out the reason behind the issue.

Reasons behind the Google app not working on your iPhone and Android

As a user if you are juggling with an issue that why Google can’t verify my account then it probably be because of any common faults that keep happening in Google. To find out about it in detail, tap below.

  1. The most common and silliest reason all of us overlook is the internet. To run a Google app or any application, the first requirement is a strong internet connection. And if the network breaks down then the app will not work. Hence to find out the issue, first of all, check your internet connectivity and then decide the next thing
  1. Secondly, if you have not updated the applications of Google such as chrome, Gmail, etc. for quite long then Google will stop working. Hence it’s very important for you to keep updating the applications or else they will stop working.
  2. Google also stops working if the site crashes down because of network failure. This type of error code usually happens on its own and takes time to get fixed but settles down eventually.
  3. Or the other reason because of which Google application stops working is the system hanging. If the internal storage of your device is full or you are running many applications in the background then the Google app will stop working.

Ways to fix Google app to perform well in your devices

Before you jump to the solutions for fixing the issue of Google, you should also know about the difference in the troubleshooting steps. Since Google faces different issues in different devices hence there are different steps to fix iPhone add Google account not working.

For iPhone Devices

Steps to fix Google in iPhone 

       1.If you are a user of Google on the iPhone and it has stopped working then, first of all, check your internet network. If the connection has got disconnected then connect it again

  1. If in case there is no internet issue then check the safari browser of apple devices. Check its settings in case you have not cleared the cache or cookies because of which you are not able to open any site or web page.
  2. Moreover, keep updating all your apps from time to time. This way the device runs smoothly and there are no such issues because of it.
  3. Moving next, try to keep the Google application free of unwanted piled up cookies. Keep deleting the search history of all the unwanted links which you don’t want to use.
  4. Adding to it, don’t open any restricted site or link which might have spam or is not secured.
  5. Moreover, open only one page at a time. If you start opening too many windows, the site might crash.

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Check Out the Proper Solution if you can't sign into google account on android phone

For Android Devices

Steps to fix Google on Android Device

  1. To fix the issue of Google not working on android, first of all, check if your Google account is working fine or not. A lot of times user forgets the password of their user account only.
  2. Next check the internet availability if it’s fine or not. If in case no then fix that as well.
  3. A lot of users download too many applications from the play store because of which Google starts hanging. Hence keep only a limited number of apps that you require.
  4. Next try to update your apps and remove all the cache files
  5. If required, reset your phone or Google account so that it will start running just like a new application.

And done! That’s how you can resolve the issue of the can’t sign into Google account on an android phone.  For any kind of doubt, contact the customer care team.

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Notes: This solution is based on android phone and iphone devices in case of Google not working. Here’s You may get complete information about Google search is not working on your phones.


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