How do you change your address on Google maps?

Google Map is an application introduced by Google to resolve the issue of travelling to an unknown place or destination with confidence. This application has actually bought the entire world in hand. Now a days travelling to any location has become very easy as because soon after signing into the Google Map app, the user can easily and quickly find their desired or favorite place to travel that too with better results and accuracy. The regular user of the app can also save their regular destinations like home address and work address to save time on the same in the future use.

How do you change your address on Google maps?

To change the address on Google Map, the user recommended to contact the Google Maps support number and follow the steps successfully to resolve the issue. To do so, the user first need to 

  • Open Maps on their Android phone, which is the green, blue, and white icon with the red place marker
  • Then tap the icon with the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner
  • Then in the settings menu, he or she needs to enter the destination where he or she desires to
  • Then he or she needs to click the button with the three vertical dots next to the "Home" option
  • This will open a drop-down menu
  • The individual can also change the address of their work or any other labels that has been previously saved in Google Maps
  • To do so, he or she needs to
select the Edit home
  • And enter a new address in the address bar
  • Then press the “x” to delete the previous address and type the new address
  • The user can also select Choose on Map at the bottom instead
  • And tap Save which is located on the top-right of the screen
  • Doing this will help to changes the home address in Google Maps

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