How to setup google analytics account For Your Website


Many people out there have their own blogs now. The thing that matters to the bloggers or the website owners is the audience that is coming to their blog or website. So, the place where you can measure, track, segment and experiment to grow the audience is Google Analytics. The important thing, that’s why, for all the owners of the blogs and websites is to make an account for Google Analytics.

For making a Google Analytics account, you definitely need a Gmail account because Analytics are handles by Google, obviously. Here are the steps for setting up the Google Analytics account:

                                     how to setup google analytics account for website

  • First of all, go to the Google Analytics by searching on Google or going to the link
  • Now, simply click the option Sign in and do it with your Google account.
  • After signing in, click Admin that is present on the top navigation bar, right on the menu.
  • Click Create New Account on the left side of the menu.
  • You will get a simple form on the resulting page and you just have to fill the information in the spaces like Account Name, complete website URL and choosing the category, country and time zone.
  • Now, agree with the choices and tick it at the bottom and then click the button Get Tracking ID.
  • This code must be copied, pasted and saved on the blog platform as it will be responsible for completion of the connection.

After the above steps are done, your blog or website is ready to get connected to the Google Analytics. It might look tough but setting up Google Analytics account is pretty easy. In case you find any trouble doing so, you can simply contact Google Analytics Support Number +1-855-486-4299 and get the solution to the problem that you might be facing to get rid of it. 

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