Yahoo Sent Items Not Showing, Yahoo Message Not Showing in Sent items - How to fix It?

Why is "My Sent Mail not Showing in Yahoo"? How Do I Fix This Issue?

Sending emails to your preferred contact is one of the easier things that one can use to send an important email. It is also confirmed whether your mail has delivered or not and you can only confirm it when it will be in your sent items folder. If your mail will not appear in the sent box, then it means it is available in the outbox. Sometimes you also find the sent email for the forwarding or any important purpose and then it doesn’t appear in the sent folder. If you are Yahoo account holder and confronting the same problem, then you have to resolve it immediately. If the Yahoo sent mail disappeared, then it may cause due to plenty of reasons and you can fix this issue very easily. In this article, you will learn about the step by step procedure of resolving the sent mail appearing issue of Yahoo In a very simple way.

yahoo mail not showing all emails

Here are the simple and quick steps to fix Yahoo sent mail is not appearing issue:

Solution 1: Check your spam or trash folder

You can also check your spam or trash folder if you will have deleted your sent emails, then it directly goes to the trash folder and you can very easily find it. After that, you can simply recover or move it to the sent items folder.

Solution 2: Check IMAP and POP account

If you are using Yahoo Mail app on your computer or mobile phone, then sometimes your settings may delete these emails from your account. So you can find these sent emails either in the trash folder or in the POP folder where these emails copied.

Solution 3: Check email settings

You can also check the filter settings if Yahoo Mail sent folder not syncing due to any specific reasons because there are plenty of features provided by Yahoo and you can set the email settings in the email filter settings. If there would be any settings applied, then the sent email folder could not sync.

Solution 4: Check Drafts folder

Make sure that you sent the email properly because if it will be not sent, then your mail directly goes to the draft folder and you can find it in the sent folder after sending it. Sometimes you can also find it in the outbox folder of Yahoo account.

Solution 5: Check your Yahoo account for any hacking

If you have given permission to anyone for accessing your Yahoo account or someone has hacked your email account, then maybe that person will have turned off this feature and then you can simply check your account and review the settings properly.

You can fix Yahoo Sent item not showing issue after applying the above-described instructions in a very simple way. But in case you are still not able to find sent mail, then you can straightforwardly communicate with the support team of Yahoo for the relevant solutions.

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