How To Reset Windows XP Password

how may i reset the password for  windows xp !

Windows XP runs on Desktop,laptop ,smart phones and many embedded devices.To keep your system safe ,you may use password on it.When you use Windows XP then some time ,you want that no one should not  access your computer without your permission.At that time ,you may keep password on your windows XP.

But there might be possibility when you may forgot your password.If you are not aware how to reset windows xp password then you must take assistance from Windows XP support team.They will provide you best guidance to fix all the issue.To recover Your Windows XP password,You need to follow the given below steps:

Reset the password for  windows xp With the help of Password crackers for windows XP:

  • For this you need to install wondershare live shoot on any other computer.

  • Then you will have to run liveboot on your computer.After that you need to insert CD in to the computer and follow all the instructions.

  • You will have to burn the CD or with the help of burn USB drive ,you may directly burn the program.

  • Thereafter ,you will have to connect the bootable disk to the computer which password you want to recover.

  • Then you need to press F12 to enter the boot device menu.Follow the onscreen instruction.

  • Wait for some time as it will take several minutes to load the windows.

  • Then click on the OK option and click on the Password and key Finder nd select the Admin password resetter.Now you need to disconnect the disc and restart your computer.Your computer will be start without asking the password.

Reset the password for  windows xp ! With the help of XP hidden administrator account:

  • On the windows XP login panel,you will have to press ctrl+alt+del.

  • You will see a pop up window .here you need to enter administrator in the username field and press enter.

  • After login your account  as admin,you need to change your account password then go to the run option and type CMD.

  • You will see all the username on the computer screen.Now select the user name and it will ask for a new password.

  • You need to enter the password accordingly.Now login your account with new password.

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