How to Fix Quickbooks login Problem?

A Complete Guide To Fix QuickBooks Login Issues On Chrome

QuickBooks users often face issues while using their favorite accounting software on their Google Chrome or the online Mac application. This really hampers their workflow and makes them frustrated while performing important tasks in their respective QuickBooks application. Users usually encounter “the site can’t be reached” error when using the application on their Google Chrome browser while on the online Mac application they face other major issues.

Now such QuickBooks issues can be easily resolved without having so much technical knowledge. However, it is important to know about the major reasons that can cause such issues in your QuickBooks software. Hence, read this article further to know about such reasons and troubleshooting process to fix them in your QuickBooks software/application. Let’s begin with the QuickBooks troubleshooting process in Google Chrome.

How To Troubleshoot QuickBooks In Google Chrome?

The following is the list of errors that you might encounter while using your QuickBooks Online on Google Chrome browser. However, the most common error that users usually face is QuickBooks online not working with chrome.

  • QuickBooks Online unable to load correctly
  • The occurrence of blank or black screen after logging into QuickBooks account online
  • QuickBooks Online is unable to respond after user logging into his account
  • Load error on the QuickBooks Online login page.

So, why do users face such issues? Well, in simple words, the incorrect configuration of the Chrome browser or the poor internet connectivity issues can cause such errors. You can follow some of the most effective troubleshooting methods to resolve such issues, as mentioned below:

  • Clear cache, cookies, and history- Sometimes simply by clearing the cache, cookies, and history, the issue might get resolved. It can be done using the History option in the browser.
  • Update browse- The issue might get resolved by updating the Google Chrome browser. For this, you can check for the latest updates on the Chrome browser.
  • Reset browser- If the issue is still not resolved, you can reset the browser settings. Resetting the application will take it to the default settings.

How to Reset internet security and privacy level for the Quick book Login issue?

  • First of all, Go to the official page of the Quick book.

  • Click on the start button on the desktop.

  • Enter internet options in the search box.

  • Choose Internet Options and go to the Security tab.

  • Select the internet.

  • Place the slider at a medium-high level.

  • Finally, click on apply and then OK. 

How to Reconfigure your antivirus and firewall?

As antivirus and firewall, applications block the access of your computer. They stop QuickBooks to load online in chrome. To fix this issue, we need basic troubleshooting. Please follow the simple steps to troubleshoot QuickBooks. We have to do common troubleshooting.  

Here are the Common troubleshooting Steps:

  • Firstly update QuickBooks desktop and please update your antivirus to the latest version.

  • Now, please access your quarantine folders and all types of files like bdmgr.exe and qbdmgrn.exe files.

  • Finally, add QuickBooks files and folders.

  • Please exclude the list of antivirus.


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