Unable to secure Gmail Error Code 758– How to solve it?

Gmail – it is a free advertising service which is developed by Google. Gmail is one of the best ways to communicate worldwide, to make more compatible Gmail comes with 15gigabytes of free storage, as it is most widely used there are some problems also associated with it which can be taken care with the help by calling Gmail technical support phone number

Gmail error code 758 – if the individual faces this concern then for some time the individual will not be able to send the mail from the Gmail account there can be probably couple of reasons if the attachment is big then 25 MB, mail being send to wrong email address it could be because of wrong internet connection

Unable to secure Gmail error code 758 h how to solve it – as discussed before there could be couple of reasons to secure however can be resolved by taking following steps

  • First and foremost the email address to which the email is bing send to should be correct one can also take the help from the              Active Directory and it should be enabled
  • Check for the internet connection , in case if it is not working try to fix the same unplug the wire disable the internet connection and enable
  • Ensure that the browser extension is also enabled disable and restart your browser
  • Clear the virus and cookies , in order to clear the virus download the history , virus , cookies as well as plug in data , images and files and exit from the chrome browser
  • No is the time to update the browser, one can also face the concern if the browser version is too old , update the latest version , there is a strong possibility that the issue is resolved and the individual should be able to send the emails , however the individual should be able to take help be calling Gmail technical support number , the expert will also be able to help the individual through remote access and will be able to sort the same .


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