How To Fix Inaccessible Boot Device Error in Windows 10?

Guide To Resolve The Inaccessible Boot Device Error In Windows 10

There can be times when you may face the inaccessible boot device error while booting up your PC. However, there is no need to get panic about that blue screen that you might see. Since this is not a new thing for users all around the world, you can resolve it with few methods. Also, the inaccessible boot device error is also known as the 0x0000007B Blue Screen Stop error or Blue Screen of Death’ error.

Now, there can be multiple reasons due to which you may face the inaccessible boot device windows 10 in your PC. Therefore, read this post further to know more about the causes and easy fixes to get rid of this Blue Screen issue in your computer device.

Reasons For The Inaccessible Boot Device Stop Error

  • The filter drivers associated with the storage track are either missing, corrupted, or not working properly.
  • Certain changes have been made into the storage controller mode or settings in the system’s BIOS.
  • The user has been using another storage controller instead of the default driver from Windows 10.
  • The storage hard disk has been shifted to a different computer that is working on another controller.
  • The motherboard, storage controller, or the hardware system malfunctions.
  • The TrustedInstaller service has failed to support newly installed updates due to the corruption that occurred in the Component-Based Store.
  • The windows blue screen error inaccessible boot device is caused due to corrupted Boot partition files.

Top Fixes To Resolve The Inaccessible Boot Device Stop Issue

In the event, if your computer is unable to boot even after the BIOS update or another technical issue, then you’ll need to recover the data from the unbootable disk. That'll help you to prevent any damage caused by the data loss, and once the data backup is made, you can now make an attempt to fix the windows blue screen error inaccessible boot device issue.

Try Booting Your System in The Safe Mode

  • In your PC, navigate to the Settings, then select Update & security and then the Recovery option.
  • Select the Advanced Startup option and then finally the Restart now.
  • Now, your PC will automatically start, and on the Startup Settings screen, press F4 or F5 for initiating the reboot into Safe Mode.
  • Use the Windows tools to diagnose your system for any issues.

Preform The OS Clean Installation Process

In case, if you are still unable to fix the inaccessible boot device windows 10 in your system, then try to reinstall the Windows 10 from scratch. However, you should use the Clean installation of Windows 10 to remove the current version from your PC.

Moreover, you can also connect with the tech support experts to get assistance on fixing the windows blue screen error issue.


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