why is google voice search not working how to fix this issue

Google Voice Search or Search by Voice is a product introduced by Google in the year 2011, which helps the life of the user more comfortable and convenient. This app allows the users to use Google Search by speaking on a mobile phone or computer instead of typing the same, which can incur error in results because of error in spelling or lack of understanding. This Google Voice Search app helps the device to search the data upon on entering information of what the individual desire to search into the device just by speaking the same. However, in the initial period, it was named as Voice Action that allows the individual to give a speech command to their Android phone.                                                      Google Voice Search Not Working

Google rolled out the Google Voice search app the support but only for the Google Chrome browser. Unlike any other software, this Google Voice search app at times also fails to work. The reason for the Google Voice Search not working is as follows: 

Check the language settings: Google Voice search app is voice recognition software, which depends on the language and the pronunciation of the user and so if the Google Voice search fails to respond the user desire, then the reason might be because of the speaking of the wrong language. US English is the default language for the app and for the users but it is still the users are recommended to check the Voice section for his or her Language Settings menu and also altering the same as and when required. Among availability of various languages, the user can actually set the primary and the secondary language as per the desire, which will help Google to detect the spoken language and switch between them automatically. 

Check the microphone on the deviceGoogle Voice search is a voice-based system and thus Google needs to rely on the microphone of the device for the successful and uninterrupted working of the same. 

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