How to Recover Google Account

Google Account Recovery

Millions of users create and use Gmail account and other products by Google. These days we have signed up with so many websites and accounts where we set passwords. Remembering every password becomes so difficult sometimes. There are many people who set the same password for every account but doing so is not safe and there is a risk of your account getting hacked or misused.

These steps just for your help or information still you are not able to Google account password recovery you can contact at 1-855-925-7090.

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Google has an easy password recovery system, so in case you forget your password. You can always go through the Google account recovery process and reset your password.

Follow the below steps to recover your Google account password with phone number linked to your account:

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Enter your email address and click on next. Make sure you enter the right email address. In case you have forgotten your email address, then click on forgot email to retrieve your account information.

Step 3:

Click on forgot the password. You will be asked to enter your last password that you remember. If you don’t remember your last password you can simply click on try a different question.

Step 4:

If you have signed in from your smartphone using the same account, it will send a prompt on your smartphone and if you grant the access through your phone it will let you reset your password directly.

Step 5:

In case, if your smartphone is not linked to your account, it will ask you to select one of the options:

1.    Send a text message to your phone number xxx xxx xxx. If you click on this and press next it will send a code via text message on your phone number.

2.    Alternatively, you can also select the option to “call on your phone number” and give you the code through IVRS.

Step 6:

You have to enter the code given to you on the page and select next. Google will verify the code and if it finds it okay it will let you reset your password.

In case, you don’t have a Google account recovery phone number connected to your account then you can reset the password using recovery email on which you will receive the code.

You can also answer set of security questions which can also be used to recover your password. In case you have no access to any of the above then you can try to send account creation information and last password and you may have a chance of getting your account back.

How To Recover Google Account For Android

Google provides reliable and worthy internet services that can be easily accessed on multiple devices. If you are accessing Google services on your android phone but have lost access to your Google account then do not worry. You can recover the Google account for Android tablet without any hassle.

Steps to Recover Google Account:

Depending upon the available recovery information, one can select the Google account recovery mode to regain access to the Google account. If you are seeking information for how to recover Google account for Android then go through the enlisted steps:

  • On your Android phone, browse the Gmail login page and in the Email ID field, enter your registered email address.
  • Select the option of Forgot password. After tapping on the forgot password option, you will get the option to select a recovery mode.
  • Select to answer the security questions in order to recover your Google account.
  • Give the correct answer to each question asked for the verification.
  • After that, it will display the option to set a new password.
  • Enter a new password for the Google account and save the settings.
  • In this way, you can recover your Google account without much of a stretch.

In case of any trouble, you can feel free to avail assistance for Google account recovery for Android by contacting the Google account recovery team. The support team is always competent and active to assist the users

Still you are not able to do from your end you can contact Google account recovery phone number for any customer service assistance.

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