How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails?

Get the Complete Guide on Outlook Not Receiving Emails & Its Solutions

Many time an Outlook user face issues like not receiving emails. This type of issue, which an Outlook user may have to deal with, can be quite annoying at the time such person is waiting for an urgent email. However, you can fix this issue with the help of a few simple tricks. This issue may be just preventing an Outlook user from receiving emails. However, the user is still able to send the email via Outlook. Well, the more detailed information on the reasons why Outlook is not receiving emails plus its solution is as given below.

Why are you unable to Receive an Email on Outlook?

There can be many reasons behind Outlook not receiving emails automatically. Besides, knowing the reasons which stop an Outlook account from receiving emails is wise, as it may help in resolving it. Therefore, a whole list of the various possible reasons behind Outlook not receiving emails is as given below.

  • An issue with the network connection may be preventing Outlook from receiving emails
  • Incorrect account credentials or the configuration details are entered by mistake
  • The incoming emails may be saved in the spam folder instead of inbox
  • The outlook email account may have not synchronized correctly
  • Some firewall may be preventing the emails from coming into your Outlook inbox
  • Some malware may have corrupted the data for Outlook in your system

What are the Methods to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Email Fault?

Whenever a person is unable to receive emails on Outlook but can send those, they get worried. However, there is no need to worry as the issue can be resolved initially with the help of a few simple tricks. In case you are unaware of these tricks of fixing the Outlook incoming mail not working issue, kindly refer to the methods explained below.

Check Internet Connection:

  • Initially, you need to check the data network as a proper internet connection is required for receiving Outlook emails.
  • You can also connect your system to another internet network, then refresh the Outlook tab for receiving emails.

Check Spam Folder:

  • Log in to your Outlook account, then find the spam folder on the homepage
  • Next, open the spam folder and go through the emails there
  • Now mark all the important emails as non-spam for moving into the inbox

Reset Inbox Filters:

  • First of all login to your Outlook account
  • Then go to inbox filters tab for resetting it
  • You can prioritize your inbox by sorting the filters by in the way you want
  • You can also remove the unwanted filters from there
  • Now refresh the Outlook and check received emails

Disable Anti-Malware or Firewall:

  • You can open the firewall settings to disable it
  • Or remove the anti-malware, which may be preventing Outlook from receiving email
  • Also, remove the recent plugin you have added on the Outlook

Verify Account Credentials:

  • You need to verify your account credentials to access the received emails on Outlook properly.
  • Go to the tools and then select account settings.
  • Now select your Outlook account to check whether the login ID and password are correct or not.
  • If some detail is incorrect, re-enter it first and then try accessing the Outlook emails again.

Verify SMTP Settings:

  • Open the Tools tab from the Outlook homepage
  • Then navigate toward accounts and select your email
  • Next, click more button from the outgoing server tab
  • Now provide correct credentials by choosing the authentication type

Therefore, all the possible causes due to which an Outlook user may not receive an email plus its solutions are presented above efficiently. In a condition, after applying all the best possible solutions, still, you are unable to receive emails on your Outlook account, get help from their technical support. You need to dial the customer support phone number of Outlook to get proper assistance regarding the solutions for not receiving emails problem.


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