Get to know about the how to install ssl certification & Renew It

SSL Certificate Installation Tutorial - Step By Step Instructions

Technology has keep updating itself with time. They allow phenomenal changes in our life and lead us towards a totally digital lead life. But few technological changes are quite vital, one such technological changes which has brought radical change in our life is Personal computer. Personal computers play a crucial and important roles in modern times. As they have become the most effective point of the communication as well as data sharing items. Internet has added the boom to this technological innovation. As it has provided the access to the millions of websites across the world in order to search, find the items according to one’s one wish. There are billions of website across the world which helps the to find the right resources as well as act as interface to communicate. But these website works on certain basic laws and principles. In order to exist a website, there must be a secure connection in order to protect the website from any kinds of attacks as well as validate that it’s a secure connection. For that, digital certificates play an important and crucial role in validating a session. One such digital certification which is quite common to have a connection is SSL.

How to install SSL certificate

SSL is one of the most popular secure connection available for visiting any website. It’s mainly a digital certificate that allows the authentication based upon the website identity and then sends the encrypted information to the servers. It’s when installed on the web browser shows the sign of Green padlock with HTTPs and make sure to have a secure connection from a web browser to a website. But sometimes user does face problem while working on it, one of the common problem user faces is regarding How to install SSL certificate. User can take the help of technical support team or follow these simple procedures :

  • First of all, user needs to go to the start menu and then click on the Administrative tools.

  • Further click on the Internet Information services Manager.

  • Again user needs to click on the name of the server in the connections column on the left.

  • Further double click on the server certificates.

  • Again in the column actions click on the complete certificate request.

  • Afterwards make sure to click on the button and the three dots.

  • Choose the server certificates and from the certificate authority.

  • In case, if the certificate doesn’t have a .cer file extension and then select to view all types.

  • Afterwards enter a name depending upon your choice and click on OK.

How To Renew SSL Certificate

In case, even after that user does face a common problem like how to renew the SSl certificate , then user can take the help from the technical support team or follow these simple procedures .

  • First of all, user needs to login through the account.

  • Then make sure to complete the certificate renewal request.

  • Afterwards click on the certificates and then click on Expiring Certificates.

  • Now click on the Expiring certificates pages and then click on the Renew now button.

  • Once done, the Renew certificate will be sent to the certificate contact in the email.

  • Afterwards on the server, install and configuration of the new certificate.

  • The new certification will be installed correctly and verified.

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