HP Printer Not Working Properly

Is your HP Printer not working or responding? Adhere effective troubleshooting steps

The printer is the device which makes the document work easier and smoother and if it is HP, then it offers a great experience. HP Printers are designed in such a way that can perform the work in an effective way. Most of the users admired the features of the same.

Apart from that, some users also reported the issue “HP Printer not working”. Well! The issue is not a big one and no need to worry about the same. However, the users have to perform few operations to fix this issue.

HP Printer not working | Troubleshooting Steps

To perform this operation, you need to check the basic things such as; paper in the tray, proper connection, Ensure the Cartridges should not be empty, Network connectivity and more.

Make your Printer a default one: Generally, the software contains the virtual printer and if installed then it will act as the default printer. Whenever you will give a print command, then your PC will give the command to the default printer (virtual printer) and due to the same, you will get an error. To fix the same, make HP Printer a default one and for the same;

  • Click on the Start button and type Control Panel in the search address and hit Enter.
  • Control Panel page will appear and there you will find few categories, select Devices, and Printers section. 
  • Thereafter, you will get the list of Printers. Select HP Printer, right-click on it and select ‘Set is as default’.

Hp printer not working on mac

Network Error

If you are unable to connect your Printer to the Network, then make sure the Wi-Fi is enabled and the entered password is correct. If facing the issue, then update the drivers and you can get the same from the official website of the HP.

This issue led the HP Printer not working on Mac, so to remove the same, turn the same into the Air Printer by using the app. Thereafter verify the SSID and Password. If everything seems good, go for the test print. If facing the same issue on Printer with the Mac, then go for the Cloud Print. This will enable you to get the Print.

However, if you are getting the poor quality print, then clean the Print-head and the process is mentioned in the manual, if you don’t have the same, then you can collect the detailed information from the HP official website.

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