Yahoo Account Recovery

Yahoo account is used worldwide for the accessing Yahoo services and many third-party applications. To use Yahoo services, a user needs to have a username and password for the account.

If a user is trying to sign-in to the Yahoo account but unable to do so due to incorrect credentials, then Yahoo account recovery needs to be followed. The incorrect password error might be due to lost or forgotten password. The password can be easily recovered by using the recovery procedure which involves below mentioned steps:

Yahoo Account Recovery help

  • Initially, the user is required to browse the Yahoo account recovery page on the internet.
  • When the recovery page is there on the screen, the user is asked to enter the email address or username of Yahoo account.
  • Then, Next button is clicked to load the password page. As the password is lost, user can click on the Forgot password link on the same page.
  • The process of Yahoo account recovery is now started from this page.
  • The user is asked to identify the missing digit phone number on the screen. If user identifies the phone number, a verification code is received on that. Using that code in the verification code field, the option of password recovery is there. A new password can be simply created by entering the password in the given field and confirm it by retyping it. If not, other method of recovery can be tried.
  • Another way for Yahoo account recovery, the user can try out the alternate email address. By entering the linked email address, the user will get verification code on the recovery email of user. The recovery code is then used in the verification code field and the option of new password comes up. The new password can then be created and confirmed by retyping it. The password should e such that is easy to remember for user and hard to guess for others.

Yahoo Account Recovery Phone Number

For any help, Yahoo account recovery phone number can be dialed by the user. Yahoo account recovery team will assist with the best possible solutions. They can be easily contacted using phone number, email or live chat support. Any of these methods can be chosen as per convenience and all the details related to them are easily available on the official website of Yahoo.






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