How to change YouTube channel name on android phone

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You can change your YouTube channel settings including channel name and channel description. By default enable YouTube subscription private, liked videos private and saved playlists private on your android phone. When first time create YouTube channel, all your activity is private and adjust privacy settings to change it public.

To create a new channel, you must create a brand account in YouTube app. If your YouTube channel connected to a brand account, it can share multiple accounts.Also set up your YouTube channels that managed by other people in your you can see the  step by step process to change YouTube channel name on android phone.

Step 1: Open YouTube app and sign in with your account

change Youtube channel name

Step 2: Tap on “Profile” icon from top menu

Created YouTube channel on android phone

Step 3: Click on your current “Channel” name

My channel in YouTube app android phone

Step 4: Tap on “My channel”

how to change youtube channel name on android

Step 5: Tap on “Settings gear icon”

change YouTube channel name on android

Step 6:  Click on “Pencil” icon to change YouTube channel name and description

Step 7: Enter channel name want to set

Step 8: Press “OK”

This is done now and you can change your youtunbe channnel name very easily also you can see some other faqs ask by users as below:

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