How to Migrate from Blogger to WordPress Without Loosing Ranking Of Google Search

These are the Following steps to Switch from blogger to wordpress without loosing your search enginer google ranking

1.  New Web Hosting Plan : Buy a new web hosting account from a google web hosting company which will provide a free domain like godaddy.You must set this up before you can proceed to the next step.

2.  Install Wordpress On Your Custom Domain: Your web hosting will provide with the step-by-step guide to install WordPress. Don’t worry, it is a very simple process.  If you bought web hosting from any web hositng company there are option to do this either you can go their help forum.

3. Export Your Blogger Site by visiting Settings » Other page : 

his is simply downloading all the files you have already in your blogger blog, including your articles, images, video/audio files). The steps to exporting your Blogger site are as follows:

  1. Login to your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Other.
  3. On this page click on the Back Up Content button under the Import & Back Up section.
  4. Save your backup to a safe location on your computer. This file will be saved in a .xml format.

4. Import To WordPress by visiting Tools » Import page in WordPress admin : 

You have to now login your newly purchased WordPress domain, and import all of the Blogger data you just downloaded in Step 3. The steps to importing your Blogger files to WordPress are as follows:

  1. Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Tools > Import.
    You’ll find out that one of the options available is Blogger.
  3. Click on it.
    If you haven’t used this feature before, then you’ll need to click Install Now to activate this feature.
  4. As soon as installation is completed, Click on on the option called Activate Plugin & Run Importer.
  5. Now, upload your .xml file from Step 3.
  6. Finally, assign an author to all of the imported posts.

5. Set up or Switch Over the Permalinks Of Your New Blog Properly

This is an important step so pay attention as I show you what to do:

  1. Navigate to Settings Permalinks.
  2. Choose the option box that says Month and name. This might be the best for your structure, especially if you are coming from the Blogger platform.

6. Redirect to wordpress from blogspot

A plugin such as Blogger 301 Redirect will be excellent for this process. The following is the guide to install Blogger 301 Redirect, Activate this plugin, and do your redirection from Blogger to WordPress:

  1. On your dashboard, Select “Plugins” and click “Add New”.
  2. Enter and Search for your choice of plugin.
  3. Click to Install and afterwards, click “Activate”.
  4. Follow the subsequent instructions to get this plugin up and running.

7. Set up redirects for RSS feeds

See the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Settings Other within your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Click on Add next to the Post Feed Redirect URL section.
  3. Now, add the URL of your current WordPress feed.

8. Import Your Images To Your New WordPress Blog

Here this is your last step to switch from blogger to wordpress ,It is through that step4 took care of importing every file to your new WordPress site, however, some images might be stubborn and refuse to join other files in this wonderful journey.

You can go through some of your important and ranking posts and find out out which images are missing. Download the original images and follow these steps to rectify the problem:

  1. Navigate to Media > Add New within your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Upload these images to the relevant posts and pages.
  3. click save.


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