How to FIx Hulu Not Working on Smart TV?

Hulu Not Working on Smart TV? Read the Complete Guide to Fix it

When it comes to streaming videos and movies online Hulu is one of the online video streaming platforms that facilitates the users to access the service on TV or PC. With hundreds of latest TV shows and movies, it is a perfect substitute for the TV cable and based on internet connection. A good internet speed always provides you high-definition video streaming but there are times when you can't stream videos on Hulu.

Well, seeing this kind of buffering while streaming quite common so there is nothing to worry about it. Just in case, if you find yourself stuck with an issue, you can fix Hulu not working on Smart TV without any difficulty. Also, the fix is explained here completely and you can do that by going along with the instructions mentioned below. But before you must know the reason why are you facing the trouble.

Why is Hulu Keeps Buffering on Smart TV?

Though Hulu offers flawless service, just in case, you see the buffering problem. You should check the internet connection associated with your device. Because of poor signals of the internet or wifi connection, it happens sometimes that you may see the problem.

Or else, the possibility is there that the Hulu services are under the maintenance and that's why you are seeing Hulu not updating news. For this, you should contact the Hulu Customer Care and ask for the solution.

Apart from this, there are some basic steps that can resolve every issue of Hulu service that you should try when it becomes difficult to access Hulu services.

Things to Do to Fix Hulu Issues Instantly

After checking if the internet connection is not working and Hulu is down, you should consider the given instructions to fix the problem.

Restart Hulu App

Now, you should try to restart your Hulu app on your smartphone or PC. Once the app is restarted, try to stream videos and on persisting the issue, you should proceed with the given steps. 

Increase Internet Speed

Since it works on the internet connection high-speed internet connectivity is required. You can change your internet plan and switch to a higher speed network.

Close All Apps Except Hulu

Just in case, any application is running background or you have assigned a few files on downloading. And simultaneously, you are using the Hulu app for streaming the videos, you will surely see some buffering until and unless you have a high-speed internet connection.

Check if Hulu app is updated

If Hulu not updating episodes, then you must update your app. As it happens sometimes that older version fails to update the new episodes on the app. For such cases, you will be required to upgrade your app. So, go to the app store, on finding any update, install the update immediately.

Clear Hulu's Data cache

Clearing cache can also help you to access Hulu without any further problems. Moreover, you need to go to the settings on your device and clear the cache.

Restart the Device

Also, to fix Hulu error, you should try to restart your device i.e. SmartPhone, PC, TV on which you are using the Hulu app. And you will see the problem is resolved. On the off chance, if the issue persists, follow the further steps.

Use an Ethernet Connection Instead of Wi-Fi

Wireless connectivity sometimes causes a problem so you should give it a try to connect Ethernet Connection to use the Hulu app. It might help you to fix the problem.

Lower Your Viewing Quality

When you can't help with the internet speed of your wifi connection, you do have another option. You can lower the video quality on which you're watching the video.

Limit the Number of Devices Connected with Wi-Fi

Disconnect all the devices connected to your wifi network. Sharing the wifi with multiple devices also decreases the speed of the internet which causes an issue.

Reinstall the Hulu App

Above all, you can fix the issue by simply uninstalling the Hulu app and reinstall the app. In this way, you will not see any problem with the app.

Last but not least, you should contact the Hulu customer service to get a fix for Hulu not working on a Smart TV issue.



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