Why Google Not Working on My iPad, Google Search Not working on my iPad, Google Stopped working on my ipad - Fix It

Check Out the "Google Not Working on the iPad", and Learn a Few Simple Tricks to Resolve the Problem

Is Google incompetent to work well on your iPad? Although Google services are quite good, which works efficiently with different devices, still some devices may show an error sometimes. Similarly, an iPad user may face the same kind of error in the efficient working of Google on their device. But in such a condition, the iPad user need not worry much as this issue may be temporary and able to be fixed with some simple methods. Moreover, this page will provide you the best information regarding the causes due to which Google may not work on an iPad, plus the ideas to fix this issue conveniently.

Google not working on my ipad

Why does Google Search Engine Not Work on an iPad?

iPad users may get multiple notifications, whenever Google is unable to work fine, which are like Google is crashing, or Google not compatible with this iPad, etc. All of these notifications indicate Google's failure on an iPad. The list of a few common reasons behind Google not working on the iPad error is given below:

  • Internet connectivity issue
  • Caches are preventing Google from opening
  • Google app is not enabled
  • Google app is not updated to the latest version
  • iOS version of the device is outdated

What are the ways to fix Google not compatible with this iPad?

Google may not work on an iPad because of different reasons, some of which can be small enough to get corrected by the device user itself. These correction methods may include a few simple tricks to fix the Google error on the iPad. However, if you wish to learn the methods to fix the problems with Google on iPad, refer to the data given below:

Check the Internet on the iPad:

 Checking the internet data of your device is the first priority as Google needs a proper connection.

  • Therefore, you can also check the connection by using some other app.
  • Or you can also be using Google after connecting your device to a different data network.

Reboot your iPad Device:

  • Rebooting your iPad works very well to fix a small error causing Google crash
  • Hence, turn off your iPad first, then let it reboot
  • Once iPad reboot is finished successfully, try using Google again

Re-launch Google on the iPad:

  • Firstly, double tap on the iPad home screen
  • Then navigate to the Google from the recently opened list
  • Now swipe up on the Google app for closing it
  • Hereafter, re-launch Google by opening the app from iPad home screen

Update the Google app on the iPad :

  • Open the app store of your iPad
  • Find the Google app and open it
  • Then click update button given with the app
  • Now wait for the update to finish and retry using it

Reinstall Google on the iPad:

  • First of all, remove Google app from your iPad
  • Then, open the app store and find it again
  • Next, press the install button given next to Google
  •  Now wait until the installation is finished
  • Then go to the iPad home screen to view the app

Now open Google and check it is working or not

Clear Google Caches:

  • Open the all apps list on your iPad
  • Then find the Google app from the list
  • Now open the Google app and scroll down
  • Next, press the remove caches button
  • Then, you can reopen the Google app

Update your iPad Software:

  • Unlock your iPad and go to the settings.
  • Now navigate towards the general settings.
  • Then you have to find the software update option.
  • Click the Software update button, then press the download and install option.
  • Now, wait until the updating process completes successfully and let your iPad restart.
  • Once your iPad is started properly, you can try to use Google again.

Therefore, all the users who may face OK google not working on iPad error while using it on their device can learn here the reasons behind it and the solutions as discussed above. Besides, Google also provides excellent customer care support, which guides the users to resolve different kinds of issues related to its services. Hence, you can contact a technical executive from the Google support team, in case the error on the iPad is not fixed yet after following the above methods. By contacting Google support you can get proper assistance regarding facing its issue on your iPad.

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