Why is Google Duo Not Working on iphone, - How to Fix It?

Google Duo Not Working on Phone

Why is Google Duo Not Connecting On iPhone? - Here's Find the Complete Solution

Being a Google Duo user, you can enjoy the best in class and hassle-free video chat experience on your multiple devices whether it’s Android or iOS. But sometimes lots of circumstances come when users confront plenty of issues when using their Google Duo app on their preferred device. But the most common issue which is faced by the users is audio, video, and connectivity that always make every user irritates especially when these things happen at the mid when they perform any important work via Google Duo.

In this article, you will learn about the step by step process to fix the multiple problems of Google Duo in a very simple way.

Why is Google Duo Call Not Connecting?

Are you making a call to your contacts using Google Duo on your device? But suddenly it has stopped connecting and showing the connectivity error? If yes, then don’t think too much about that as there could be multiple reasons behind the Google Duo Call not connecting issue and some of the most common causes of this problem are listed below:

  • Improper internet connectivity.
  • Incompatible app version.
  • Using an outdated Google Duo app.
  • Due to camera issues.
  • Compatibility issues of the device.
  • Caches and date in-app.

Here are the Steps to Fix the Google Duo App not Connecting issue:

Solution 1: Check Internet Connection

First of all, make sure that you have an active internet connection which requires connecting a call to your preferred contact on Google Duo. You can also change your Wi-Fi connection or use cellular data to use Google Duo and make a call very easily.

Solution 2: Restart your Google Duo App

In case the internet connectivity is fine and your Google Duo is still not working, then you can simply restart your Google Duo app that can fix multiple issues very easily whether it’s connectivity or others.

Solution 3: Clear the Google Duo caches and data

Sometimes unwanted app caches and data cause multiple issues and if you are facing any issue with the Google Duo app, then you can fix it by clearing the caches and data in your device.

How to Fix Google Duo Unable to Send Request?

Are you sending an invite request to someone in your contact list on Google Duo? But the Google Duo app is not sending any request to anyone and showing some unwanted error? Then this problem may occur due to multiple reasons and if you want to fix Google Duo unable to send request error, then you can fix it after following the below steps:

  • Check Phone Number

First of all, check your phone number with whom you are sending the request and make sure that your contact is available on the Google Duo.

  • Check Your Connectivity

Ensure that your device has an active internet connection which is most important to send a request or performing any kind of task on Google Duo on your device.

  • Restart Your Device and App

Restarting your app and device often fixes plenty of issues and you can fix the connectivity issues after restarting your device and app. You can also verify your account by sending a verification code.

After following these above-given steps, Google Duo will not connect issues that can simply perform. And if you are still not able to resolve this issue or having a different query, then you can contact the customer support team of Google Duo for reliable and instant solutions.

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