How to Regain Access to Your Google Analytics Account

How to Recover your Google Analytics Account in 3 Steps

First, let's tackle down the basic stuff. If you know you have full permissions, but you are unable to sign in to the Analytics property anymore, start with these:

  • Don't remember the email address you used for your Analytics: follow these guidelines
  • Don't remember your Analytics password: Google Analytics uses the same password as your Google account. If you lost it just click on Forgot Password? to reset it.
  • You think you are using the correct email and password, but still can't sign in.
    • Your user is not valid: To be able to sign in to GA you must use a Gmail address or a personal email ( that is linked to a Google account. If you unlinked the email, you need to connect it again or ask the administrator to change your user email.
    • Your user is valid: Contact the administrator of the Analytics account (must have Manage Users permissions) and make sure you have access, if not ask them to give you access.

If not of the above helped you recover access to your Analytics then you will have to claim the ownership of the account.


How to claim ownership and recover a Google Analytics account

You will need to do 3 things to claim the ownership of the account:


STEP 1. Prove that you own or manage the website associated with the account,

The first thing to be able to get your Analytics back is to prove that you own the website where the tracking code is installed. This process requires adding a file to the top level of your domain.

Claiming Ownership or Your Analytics Account

1. Create a simple file with the name analytics.txt and with the following text (change parts in yellow)
GooGhywoiu9839t543j0s7543uw1 - pls add {INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS} to GA account {INSERT UA-ID} with ‘Manage Users and Edit’ permissions - date {INSERT DATE}

{INSERT EMAIL ADDRESS} - the email you want to give "Manage Users and Edit" permissions
{INSERT DATE} - the date you create the file
{INSERT UA-ID} - your tracking code number. Should look like this UA-000000

2. Add the analytics.txt file to your site on the top level and with "read" permissions so it can be accessed like this, if you have trouble doing this contact your hosting provider they usually help without a problem

3. Once you uploaded the file make sure that it is accessible by going to

STEP 2: Fill the "Troubleshooter contact form" form and request permissions

The previous file is needed to prove you manage the site when request permissions. 


So once you have it in place fill this form, as explained below.


Account Recovery Forum Fields


Most of the fields are self-explanatory. But if you are not familiar with this process you might get lost. I'll give you some tips to avoid some of the mistakes I made the first time I went through this process.

  • Contact Email : can be any email, not necessarily the email you want to add to GA
  • AdWords customer ID: Enter N/A, this field is only required if you are recovering your AdWords account,
  • Last known login email address for Analytics account and Name of last known user: If you don't know/remember enter "" as email and "Don't remember" as the name. Google will figure it out later,
  • Website or apps you are tracking: the website where you uploaded the text file,
  • Email address you want to use to log in to Analytics: must be a Gmail or an email associated with a Google Account,

Summary of the issue: something like: "I'm trying to recover my Analytics account, I already proved ownership of the site in" or "the GA administrator left the company and can't contact him..."

STEP 3 :Wait for the response from Google and provide additional information if necessary

Although the file you uploaded and the form speed up the process, it is not automated. A Google representative will contact you usually within 24hrs.

If there is any information missing from the form, the representative will ask you a few questions. If not they will try to contact the current Analytics administrator. 

Here is an example of the email you will receive:

If after 2 business days there is no response from the current manager of the account, the Google employee will grant you the access based on the analytics.txt file you previously uploaded on the site.

That's it now you are in total control of your Analytics account and can make all the changes and add all the users you want.

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