Yahoo Mail not working in Google Chrome - How to Fix It?

Yahoo mail not working on google chrome

How do I fix yahoo not Responding: Google chrome is one of the most used online application used for all types of web browsing. We all do internet surfing visiting one site to the other and that too daily. Chrome application can be accessed on all kinds of device and all it takes is to sign up a Google account with a password and start using it. 

Accessing Yahoo mail on Google chrome 

Among all the day to day activities in Google, the most common thing that all of us do online is to exchange mails. Be it a formal conversation with an office client or a college online assignment. For accessing the mails, a lot of us use yahoo messenger. Yahoo has been in the good books of people ever since the internet became accessible to the computer system. 

What if Yahoo mail stops working on Google chrome? 

Indeed yahoo is used as one of the major digital platforms for communication but still, a lot of people complain of not being able to access their mail accounts. A lot of reasons are responsible for not being able to use Yahoo accounts and you can fix them sitting at home. Hence if you feel that yahoo mail slows on chrome then you can fix it sitting at home only. 

Reasons behind Yahoo mail not working on chrome 

Yahoo Mail Not Working in Google Chrome/Android/Iphone 2020: A lot of common reasons or serious error codes are responsible for Yahoo not working on Google. Hence to find it, tap on below given reasons. 

1. Weak internet connection 

Be it yahoo or Google, both the applications work on the internet and if in case your internet gets slow, you won't be able to access these applications. 

2. Forgetting password of Yahoo 

If Google is working fine but Yahoo account is not fine then it would probably be because you forgot the password of your yahoo account or it got hacked. Hence it's important for you to fix the yahoo account password in such a case. 

3. Virus detected in the device 

The device which you use to access Google could be having Virus which can prevent you from accessing Yahoo or any other application. 

4. Outdated browser 

Google or any installed application requires updating from time to time. And if you don't update your Google browser, you won't be able to use Yahoo or any other application on it. 

Steps to fix the Yahoo mail account on Google chrome 

Yahoo mail is not opening found the reason behind your Yahoo account not working in Google chrome browser now can be fixed with the help of few basic steps. To find out about the steps in detail, tap below. 

Step 1: Fix the weak internet 

If your application has stopped working right in the middle of work, you need to check for the internet first. In most of the cases, weak internet connection is the reason behind Google chrome not working hence check the connection and then try any other method. 

Step 2: Close all the other tabs 

If you have been working on the system online for a long time then a few of the applications might stop working and Yahoo is one of them. So if in case you are in the middle of any important conversation then try to close all other tabs while using mail. Using one application at a time will not cause the application hanging. 

Step 3: Uninstall and add the application again 

Be it Yahoo messenger or any other account, if it is not working on Google browser then remove the application and add it again. Re-installing will at least add the updated version of the Google browser. 

Step 4: Reboot the PC

if it's your system and the application causing the issue then you can try to fix it with help of switching off the device. Systems with outdated versions of operating systems often start hanging while working for hours. Hence turn off the device or reboot it so that all the applications will get scanned. 

Step 5: Clear all the cache files 

Now on a daily basis, we all use the internet and keep visiting different platforms. And all the sites that you while browsing gets saved in the box. And if collected in abundance can create an issue for the application to run. Hence clear all the cache files and junk. 

Step 6: Try running yahoo on any other browser 

If the issue is not with the application or system but the server then let it get fixed on its own. And till then you can use Yahoo on any other browser which is working totally fine. 

And you are done with the basic troubleshooting steps that you can use if in case yahoo mail can't be reached. Moreover, if you find any issue while fixing Yahoo on chrome then contact the customer care team. 

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