How to Fix: Google Search Engine Not Working Problem

Google Search not working in chrome

Is Google search not working Follow the troubleshooting steps

Due to some multiple browsers on your laptop or pc and application open on your mobile device, this kind of error may be happened also it might be some other reason also you can see here the solution for this kind of problem

Google Search not working on Android | Effective measures and solution

Method 1 Update Google App to recover google search not working problem

  • · Open Google Play Store.
  • · Slide the Menu from left to right and select ‘My Apps’.
  • · You will find multiple applications, select Google App, and tap Update.

Method 2 Ensure Google Apps is enabled or not to fix google search engine not working problem

  • · Open Settings from your Android.
  • · Scroll down the page and tap on Applications.
  • · Thereafter, select the Application Manager. Here, you will get the list of applications and their status.
  • · Select Google App and if the disabled button is highlighted, then tap on it to enable the Google App.

Method 3 Clear Caches of Google App to resolve google search engine not working error on Android

  • · Open Settings from your Android.
  • · Move to the Applications section and then select the Application Manager.
  • · Tap on ‘All’ located at the top of the page to view the complete list of the applications.
  • · Select Google App, scroll down the page, and tap on Clear Caches.

Method 4 Restart device to fix google search has stopped working issue

  • · Close all the applications by tapping on the soft keys on the device.
  • · Press the Power button and then tap on Restart.
  • · After completing the process, check the Google Widget.

The above-said methods will resolve your issues. Hence, go through the entire process in a sequential manner and make sure to perform the process in an appropriate way

Know why is google search not working on chrome browser how to fix this issue

Chrome may stop working of it has been blocked by antivirus or some other software present on the computer. The installation of some problem initiating programs may cause the issue. A program or a process currently running on the computer might cause hindrance in the working of the Chrome browser.

Google Search Not Working on Google Chrome Browser | Effective Measures and Solution

The users may follow the steps stated below in order to fix the issue of Chrome Browser not working.

  • The users need to click on the “Settings”.    

  • Then the users need to scroll down to the bottom and then click on “Show advanced settings”.

  • Then under “Privacy”, the user may click on “Clear browsing data…”.        

  • At last, the user needs to checkmark the following four listed items.

                   Clear browsing history    

                   Clear downloaded history    

                   Delete the cookies and other site and plug-in data    

                   Empty the cache    

These are some of the issues because of which the users may get the issue of Chrome, not working browser resolved. If the users face some issues, then the users may get assistance from the technical experts for getting the issues resolved.

Either Follow Same Rules in different way Are

The method I – Delete the Browser History if you want to fix google search engine not working in chrome browser

Though it is a temporary fix you can surely give it a try. You simply need to delete your search history and browsing history. 

  • Open Menu. (Click on 3 dots on right top)
  • Click on History.
  • Now click on Clear browsing data.
  • Right tick all the boxes and simply Clear browsing data.
  • Now after that, you need to perform some advanced data clearing.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Scroll down click on Show advanced settings.
  • Under “Privacy”, click on Clear browsing data.
  • Checkmarks the following four boxes:
  • Clear browsing history
  • Clear downloaded history
  • Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data
  • Empty the cache
  • Do not checkmark on 4 options (unless you want to clear this information too):
  • Clear saved passwords
  • Clear saved Autofill form data
  • Clear data from hosted apps
  • Deauthorize content licenses

Method II – Reset your Firewall Settings

You need to reset your Firewall to default, this actually may be a permanent fix as some of the inbound or outbound rules of the firefox may block the search engine to load in your browser.

  • Go to Control Panel on your PC.
  • Open the option Windows Firewall.
  • Here you will see an option of Restore defaults.
  • Open it and click on Restore defaults.
  • Once done simply restart the browser and you will see your search engine giant working as good as it should.

How to fix google search not working on iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user, then you might be browsing everything in the default Safari browser. But, if you use Google search, it might be your favorite search engine as it displays the best results. In case Google search is not working on your iPhone, you need to search for its fixes. In this article, you get some info about fixing the Google search issues on the iPhone.


Fixes for Google search not working on iPhone

If you are facing the issue of the Google search engine not working on iPhone, you need to fix it to get the best search results. For this, you can try some fixes as mentioned below:

  • Update the app- The issue might get fixed if you update your app by downloading the latest version from the App store.

  • Internet is ON- You need to ensure that the Google search has permission to access the internet.

  • Reset iPhone- Resetting to your iPhone might resolve the issue but before that, you must have the backup of all important data.

  • Uninstall and reinstall the app- You can try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it after some, as the issue might get sorted after this. 

If Google search not working on the iPhone issue is still there, you need to contact the support team of Google. The executives of the support will assist you with all kinds of issues and queries related to Google. As the services are available 24x7, you can choose a slot on your own to get in touch with the support executives. They can be reached using call, email, or live chat, and all the contact details are provided on the Google help page.

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Avail desired assistance from the experts for google search not working on android, chrome browser, ipad, or mac

The users may dial the helpline number in order to get assistance if the user face some issues while resolving the problem of google search engine is not working or responding


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