Quick steps to fix Adobe Flash Player not working on Mac and Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is one of most popular software that provides graphics in your device. It allows seeing online media content, images, videos and games on your browser during the internet browsing. Adobe Flash Player can be installed as a plug-in on various devices. But sometimes lots of situations come when users confront numerous problems when Adobe Flash Player stops working on Mac and Google Chrome.  In this article, you will find the solutions that will help to resolve your various problems related to work.

How to fix Adobe Flash Player not working on Mac?

If Flash Player is not working on your Mac, then it means you have not enabled the Adobe Flash Player settings for your Mac. For this, follow the below steps:

  • First of all, open the Safari on your Mac and then click on Safari icon.
  • Choose Preferences under the Safari menu.
  • Now click on Website tab and then scroll down to Plug-in section.
  • After that, look for the Adobe Flash Player and then check the enable box for Adobe Flash Player.
  • Choose a setting to use for the Adobe Flash Player whenever you visit the other websites.
  • Now choose a listed website and then select the ON or OFF position.
  • After that, exit the Preferences to complete the procedure.

How to fix Adobe Flash Player not working on Chrome?

If the Adobe Flash Player is not working on your Google Chrome browser, then you can fix this problem with the help of below-mentioned instructions:

  • Open your Google Chrome’s on your computer and then go to the Settings. Now enable the Adobe Flash Player into the Settings.
  • Check your Flash Player version and update it into the latest version. Or install the latest version from the official Adobe website.
  • Clear the caches and data for your Google Chrome because sometimes unwanted caches also stop various apps to work.
  • Update your Google Chrome to the latest version if you are still running on a previous version.

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