Why Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Smart Tv?

Check Out the Complete Procedure to Fix “Amazon Prime Video Not Working on Smart TV”

You have kicked back to catch the latest movies and the shows on this demanding platform of Amazon prime. But you come across a situation that your amazon prime is not working or may disappear. What you will do next then? Yes, we first may be looking for the solution on their own, but we should take help from the latest and the most used solution available to overhaul the impediments of Amazon not working on Tv.

If you are a member of Amazon prime which includes ad-free music along with the Unlimited free, even you will get fast delivery on the eligible items and will get free deals or access to the account.

In Case of Amazon Prime is down

Amazon Prime may be interrupted due to some technical reasons, it works as internet tv over various countries to provide the best class shows and movies on your tv, you can fix this problem instantly by reading the essential steps given as below:

Follow the steps to fix Amazon not working on TV

  • At the beginning of the process, you are advised to restart the TV.
  • By restarting the TV, switch off and power up it again.
  • You will find a power button on the back of your TV.
  • It’s worth to disconnect the TV from the main plug.
  • You can reset the Amazon prime video app by clearing the data cache.
  • Even you can access the app settings.
  • You can explore the menu or check the device.
  • Sign in to the app again and restart it.

Even after using the above method if you are not getting a satisfactory result, you can learn the below method to fix the problem of Amazon not working.

  • First, check the account status that your account is not 100 percent free.
  • You will access to the account either via Amazon prime subscription or monthly video subscription.
  • To check the above setting, first move to the Amazon account page, next head to the video settings of the account so that you can manage your video subscription easily here.
  • Confirm the minimum requirements of your device.
  • All the settings will remain unchanged.
  • Your internet connection speed should be 900kbits/sec or 3.5Mbits/sec.
  • Make use of the Google Chrome browser of version 59 or other as Mozilla firefox.

Consider and adhere with the above information to get back to the account information, if required you can take immediate assistance from the customer support team of the Amazon prime to get immediate feedback or response from the other side for Amazon prime not working on tv. Apart from that, you can compose a mail to the concerned department of the prime.

In this article, you have gone through the various reasons why Amazon Prime Video has stopped working eventually. So To ensure the best performance, you must make sure to keep the app updated and subscribe for the fast broadband package, a person should also position a streaming device which is close to the router or to the device for prime video unavailable.

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