Gmail not Receiving Emails

Top 5 ways to deal with Gmail not receiving emails

The webmail designed by Google is considered the most complete webmail service available in the web world. It is easy to configure, user-friendly and blessed with hassle-free performance. But there are situations when the user finds that ‘Gmail not receiving emails’ and get annoyed.  However, this problem can be resolved by following some simple techniques. Today we are going to discuss some of the possible workarounds of the concerned issue.

1.      Check the mailing address

There is a possibility that the issue is created by the email sender. Do you know the sender personally? If yes, ask him/her to check the sent items and recheck this matter. Maybe the address entered was not right.
2.      Check the Spam Box

The email may go to the Spam Box, right? So, you are also suggested to check the Spam Box. There is a fair chance that the email can be found in the Spam Box if your Gmail not receiving some emails from a particular contact of all contacts.

3.      Have you blocked the sender?

Do you think Gmail management is the reason behind this problem? You are wrong! You are likely to face this problem if the email sender is blocked by you. If yes, you won’t get any email sent by the blocked contact.

 4.      Check the email settings

 Checking your email settings is the other thing you can do if you are not receiving any email. You may face this problem with a particular user or all users. Going through the email settings is the suggested solution for you. To do that, you need to navigate the Accounts and then click on both connected apps & sites, and then on Manage Apps. Here, in the Manage Apps section, you have to check whether you should grant access to another website/app or not. Use the keyword IN ANYWHERE to search the email.

 5.      Get in touch with the helpline engineers

Is Gmail not receiving emails? No worries! We have come with a method which is easy to follow but likely to settle your issue within a few minutes. Have a conversation with the helpline professionals of Google and ask for assistance! These professionals are sufficiently trained and committed to delivering the best-in-class support services. Interestingly, these professionals are not ready to leave you unsatisfied.


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