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Google Maps Error 400, Google Maps not showing location

Get details to solve various location errors on Google maps services!!

Google maps are one of the most useful and an easy to use application provided by Google. With the use of Google maps, user can locate the places whenever they want to go and can head towards it without any issue. This application is really very helpful for people who are new to any town and are not aware of the places there.

Google maps have various advantages but with that it also has disadvantages in terms of google maps error  that occurs every now and then while the user is accessing Google maps. The issues that occur are really complex and hence, needs the perfect solution for it.

Therefore, mentioned below are some of the errors of Google maps and it's solutions :

  • Google maps error 400 : this issue is really common and ca be solved by the below mentioned steps :

-first of all the user need to go to the following link

-after going to this page the user needs to wait for some time to get the page loaded.

-then, after this the user is required to select the ctrl+shift+l so as to open  the inspector of Google maps.

-now, from there click on the application option mentioned at the top side of the inspector.

-the user then need to go to the menu option on the left side and should then locate the cookies option.

-expand the cookies option with the triangle and further click on

-by entering this link the user will get list of cookies in which the user needs to enter gsScrollPos in the required box.

-now, click on the first cookies and delete it

-once done, select F5 and refresh the web browser on which the user is working.


  • Location errors on Google maps ; to solve any location errors in google maps the user should follow the below mentioned steps :

-open Google maps on the systems on which the user is accessing.

-sign in to the gmail account so as to access the google maps.

-then select on the menu option mentioned at the left side of the page.

-from the menu option select on send feedback and click on edit the map to make the changes.

-the user then need to follow the onscreen instructions and lastly should select on submit.


Also, there are various more issues such as google maps error no routes found problems that takes place when the user is searching for any place on their google maps. So, to solve this kind of issue the user should simply update their Google maps on systems or mobile devices and further can utilize it accordingly.


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