How can I recover my Gmail account without 2 step verification?

How can I recover my Gmail account without 2 step verification? 


Google offers 2 step verification in order to protect your account by sending a verification code on your mobile number which is registered on your Google account. It may happen sometimes that you have lost your phone or are not carrying it with you currently and want to log in to your Gmail account, then it becomes a problem to carry on with your work as you have no idea about how to bypass 2 step verification Gmail

When you lose your phone the major issue you go through is that your privacy is within someone else's hand who can misuse all your social media and bank accounts as well. Usually, we all leave our Gmail logged in our phone so that it is convenient to check the mail at any time of the day. We generally don't set up different passwords for various platforms but just merely connect and login into every app via a Gmail account. So if your phone is possessed by someone else that means he/she has access to all your accounts and can render your privacy.

But don't worry as there are several ways and solutions for your problem which will save your personal details from being misused by a second person. We have stated below some of the easiest ways to recover a Gmail account without 2 step verification. 


  1. You can create a backup verification code that will help you to recover your Gmail account. For creating one you have to go to the settings section of Gmail, here you can click on 2 step verification. Then you have to click on “backup code”>> “show backup code”. Now, you can see many codes which you can use for verifying and login-in. Each of these codes can be used once.

  2. One can also add up an additional administrator who can generate the codes for you in case of emergency 

  3. Print or save the backup codes securely for future use as you might need them during an emergency.

  4. Always login via a secure computer so that you can click on the remember me option so that you can log in in the future without using the verification code.


With the help of the above-mentioned steps, one can easily bypass Google’s two-step verification where Gmail automatically sends a verification code to your registered mobile number every time when you login into your device from a new device OAuth token is one such option that is similar to ASPs. OAuth allows you to uniquely separate code for each device you use for logging into your account. Each code can be separately used to cancel without issuing a problem for the other one. You can even ensure that your lost mobile phone has no longer access to your Gmail account and secure your privacy.

When you turn on your 2 step verification you will have to create separate passwords for all the separate applications you use. You will use ASP instead of the actual password. 

If you are unable to do this on your own, you can contact customer support for professional assistance from tech-savvy experts who will help you to resolve your issue in just a few minutes and will help you to recover your Gmail account without 2 step verification.


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