Quick Troubleshooting Norton Antivirus Related Problems

Troubleshooting Norton antivirus is easy to please Follow –

Fix Norton antivirus Not Opening Or crashing –

Friends If your Norton Antivirus Program is Not Working than You must Try All these and see if this fix Your Norton antivirus.

  • First Restart the Computer In Safe Mode with Networking (using F8 )
  • Try Opening the Norton antivirus Program and Update the latest Version of your antivirus.
  • Run A full Norton Antivirus Scan and Try turning Your computer In normal Mode.

 If this did Not Work Than Try Steps Below

Uninstall and Install Norton Antivirus-

Dear Folks if your Norton antivirus is still Not Working than You must Remove Norton antivirus and install it again.

Use this Norton Removal Tool click Here Norton Removal Tool and Download this tool and This Will Help You to Uninstall Norton Antivirus Program and then You can Install and download Norton antivirus Again.

Download Norton Antivirus Program –

After You have Uninstalled The Previous Norton Antivirus Version You need to download Your Norton antivirus Product again.

Please Follow the steps –

  • Login To your Norton Account
  • After Login At the right hand Top You Can See My Norton click On it.
  • Now Download the Norton antivirus and setup it Like a new Product.

Dear Folks while fixing all these Problems with Norton we have Noticed that many users Lost their Internet Connection.Check out this Quick Guide to get the Internet Connection back after Norton installation –

Fix Internet Problems After Installing Norton Antivirus –

Dear Norton User There Can be Much Reason where Your Internet is Stopped working after Norton antivirus installation.Sometimes It’s just Your ISP (INTERNET Service Provider ) problem or may be it’s just an another antivirus Program Blocking Your Internet Connection.Most Of the Time its Just Your Norton Firewall blocking Your internet Connection.

Please Follow steps and see if that Helps to fix Your Internet Connection-

Turn Off Norton Antivirus Firewall-

  • First Close all Programs and Restart The Computer.
  • We Need to Disable the Norton Firewall Temporarily –
  • Please Start your Computer and Open Norton product.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Under Detailed Settings, click Firewall.
  • On the General Settings tab, next to Smart Firewall, click the slider to turn it Off.
  • In the Protection Alert dialog box, from the drop-down menu, click Apply and then select Permanently
  • apply and OK and make sure the Firewall is Turned Off.
  • Now Restart the Computer and Go to Norton again
  • Make Sure You Update the Latest Version Of your Norton antivirus.
  • After Update, You Can Turn On the Norton Firewall.


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