How To Stop Norton Internet Security From Deleting Files

As the numbers of Norton users has been increased continuously from years. Presently, we have gotten dissensions from numerous Norton users who were searching for the responses to the inquiry named as how to stop Norton security suite from deleting a file. In the event that, on the off chance that you are likewise searching for the answers for a similar issue, at that point go through the tutorial given below. Ensure that you will take after every one of the means specified here for how to prevent Norton security suite from erasing a document.

1.    At first create a folder and save all your documents which got want to prevent from the scanning of Norton Antivirus.
2.    Now log into your windows PC as an administrator. As it cannot prevent the Norton from deleting your files while being logged in as a normal user.
3.    Then launch the Norton Antivirus on your device.
4.    Next start scanning your device. 
5.    Next you have to tap on the option named as exclusions or low risk.
6.    Now, go to the folder and then accordingly to items to exclude.
7.    Once you click on the Continue button and then you will find that the Antivirus has started scanning your device.
8.    If the file created by you also has been deleted then you have to ensure the list under the items to exclude again.
9.    Remove the already added folder and then add it again.
Presently, since you have taken in the approaches to exclude the files and folders from deleting, now it's the ideal opportunity for you to figure out how to Restore Deleted Files in Norton.


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