How do I get an application specific password from Google?

If the users want to get app specific password from Google account then they can easily get it by just following some of the steps that will enable the users to under take this method. So, here in this article the users will get to know about the exact process of it.

Mentioned below are the steps to get app specific password from Google !

  • First of all the users need to visit the app password page on any web browser.
  • If asked then sign in to Google account with its user name and password.
  • Users then are required to select on the select app option that is mentioned at the bottom of the page.
  • While doing this the users also need to choose their app.
  • Then, select on generate option and proceed further.
  • Now, the users are required to mention their App password that is displayed in the yellow bar on the device.
  • Once the users have entered their app password select on done.
  • And hence, app password is generated.

Therefore, these are the steps that the users need to follow for getting application specific password from Google. These steps are easy and can be undertaken by them at any time of the day.

Know about 2 step verification!

Two step verification is basically a process that has 2 steps of authentication so as to verify the particular person for their account. 2 step verification further adds more layer of security to the email accounts so that the accounts are protected form any unknown sources and hackers.

  • Mentioned below are the steps for 2 step verification :
  • Sign in to G mail account with user name and password.
  • This will take the users to the G mail account settings page.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and select on sign in to get the access to 2 step verification page.
  • Go to the edit menu.
  • Click on start to access the 2 step verification.
  • Enter the phone number that is registered with the email account.
  • Choose a method for verification between the text message or the Google voice call.
  • Select on either of the methods.
  • Get the code and enter the code in the space.
  • Select ok


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