How do I privately/publicly share photos or Videos

Why we need to share Google photos and videos:

In some instant of time there are much needed of some files which could be either photos as well as videos. During documentation we sometime face some paper or photos missing and just through sharing process we can get those documents in few seconds. Google photos and videos sharing is not a big challenge, if you are new to this then just get idea how to share google photos from someone who are aware of such things. There are several products and service of google which has made our task easy. People of worldwide rely on the product of google and therefore company also work for making things easy. By going in the Google photos your all photos will appear and you just need to click on selected photos which you are willing to share. Through share option you can share your file on whatsapp, facebook, gmail, Bluetooth and many more. It is up to the person who is sharing google photos & videos that to which platform he wants to share. If you are not knowing how to share google photos on facebook then just learn the below process. These are the process through which you can also share you file on whatsapp.

How to share Google videos in simple steps:

  • Just take out your mobile or tablet and open google photos app.
  • If you do not have the app just download it from google play store free of cost.
  • After opening the google photos app just login into your google account.
  • Now all the photos of your device will be appeared in it, just select the required file photo, video or movie.
  • Tap on share options and choose the medium through which you need to share.
  • Select the name of person, phone number or email address.
  • Click on ‘Done’.
  • Users can add title or message before sending the Google photos and videos.

Sharing of google videos and photos are performed with the same process there is no big change in it. Thus it is very simple for new user to understand the process. For the beginner it could be difficult to get how to share google videos instantly. They can take help from some google known person or they can also get reference from internet as well. Now a day internet carries all the solutions for all the problems. Expanding in very rapid mode the google is covering all the tiny market worldwide. The company has made many things easy and simple.

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