Google my business suspended due to quality issues

Google My Business Suspended Due to Quality Issues

 If in case your Business account got suspended then it means Google is not happy with one of the information that you might have entered. If they think that it is a very genuine mistake this is known as a soft suspension and it can be fixed very easily. It will normally because you breaking one of the guidelines. To fix Google my business suspended due to quality issues you need to analyze all the information provided then they will locate where the issue is and provide you suitable remedy.

How to fix google my business suspended due to quality issues?

Before looking into the solution, you need to first analyze what are the reasons behind it to identify the possible fixes.

Here are the most common reasons to Google suspended your account

  • Redirect / spamming links
  • Track all the URL’s
  • Various listings for one business
  • Online-only businesses are mostly disqualified through the business listings
  • No physical location or a PO box and remote mailbox
  • Account registration twice
  • Certain Business categories are also displayed as very high-risk by Google thus it gets more scrutiny
  • Information or NAP is not correct
  • Service-area businesses have to hide their address field

What is the solution for google my business suspended due to quality issues?

  • User will need to first complete the  Reinstatement Form through the link of
  • And the second step will be to wait for some weeks
  • Look at the email from the quality assurance team hopefully, they have removed the suspension
  • The user will soon receive an email through the Google My Business Quality Assurance team with your business is still in the suspension then you are free to Google My Business support team
  • Find out why the Google My Business Support team still feel your worthy of suspension and soon they will provide you all the recommendations and you need to implement them on your Google My Business Page
  • Contact Google My Business Support then go through all the protocols, there will be a great chance of being reinstated and returning to your usual local search ranking.
  • It is also recommended to it re-apply again when you think you would not be able to fix anything else.

These were all the ways by which user can easily fix Google my business support, if still there is any issue and doubt then do not hesitate to dial the customer care service number and speak to the representative, they will help you in all way possible around the clock.


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