How to Play Unplayable Videos in Windows Media Player

If you are  fond of videos and music and a high speed internet connection is available then no doubt you would like to download video files to enrich your video collection. But it may cause a great disappointment if the file you have downloaded does not play neither in your Windows Media Player nor in VlC Media Player or any other player  due to lack of  codecs or proper software.

Tip: Download YouTube Videos in Mp4 format.

Lets see first what are the requirements to play a video file. To play a video file you need 2 things:

  1. A media player.
  2. A codec.

You are familiar about the term media player  where the term codec requires a little bit more attention. A codec is a simple in characteristic but interesting in its utility. The codec is expert in converting the videos in binary form (1s and 0s) and back from the binary form to video. But it is not as simple as to say about the codec. Codec plays like a key for lock. It needs the actual codec to view a file that was used to encode the file. But the problem arises when the proper codec is not in your store to view the video file.


How to check for the installed codec in your computer

You can check out by

Control Panel -> Sounds and Audio Devices Properties -> Hardware – > highlight VIDEO CODECS -> push Properties button -> select PROPERTIES tab.

So if somehow you can override the need of a codec to play the video then you can get rid of the hassle of finding the exact codec for a video. MakeInstantPlayer is the software that allows you to play any type of videos in any computer. No codec is required to play that video. It converts the video in the self running executable file.

How to make the video files executable in any computer with MakeInstantPlayer

  • Download and run makeinstantplayer.exe .
  • Chose the folder where to extract the files. & Run  makeinstantplayer.exe  from the given location when installing.Make-Instant-Player
  • Chose the path of the video file that you want to execute.
  • Put the path of the output file.

More about MakeInstantPlayer

  • You can add a custom logo that will be displayed when running the file.
  • You can also include a codec.
  • You can specify your homepage so that the user may be sent to your blog or site.
  • Ability to specify to keep the video full screen or top of other windows or auto quit after end of playback or chose to start again the loop when it ends.


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