How to Fix VLC Player not Playing mp4 Video?

How to Solve VLC Player not playing mp4 Video in Windows 10 and Android?

VLC is one of the most popular video players which can be used to play both video and audio files. The format of MP4 file format is universally compatible with all the operating systems but a user may also get a message while using the VLC which says “fail to open” the file.

Possible Reasons for VLC Not Playing

  • Non-standard MP4 codecs.
  • Corrupt MP4 files.
  • VLC media output methods are not correctly settled.

If your MP4 video and VLC have no damage you have a problem with the MP4 video codec.

Requirements of VLC media player

  • Compatability 

The VLC media player is only compatible with MPEG-4, DivX 4/5/6, 3ivXD4 and H.265.

  • Identity

If the MP4 file contains VLC unsupported audio or video codec, it will not be identified by VLC.

The Solutions to VLC player not showing video windows 10

  • Installing the required codecs

As discussed above, MP4 codecs should be a standard one because MP4 doesn’t work properly if the codes are not settled properly in the PC, if they are not settled properly then you won’t be able to play MP4 files on PC having windows 10 as the operating system. It is recommended that for fixing this type of issue a user should download and install a codec pack on the PC.  

  • Go for troubleshooting 

To do that open the settings app on your PC with windows 10 > Go to update and security section > Navigate to troubleshoot section > Select Video Playback > Run the troubleshooter.

  • Turn off the WMV DirectX video acceleration

If the media player is unable to play the MP4 videos then the issue might be WMV DirectX video acceleration, to resolve this, you need to turn off the WMV DirectX video.

  • Change VLC settings

Sometimes a user is not able to play MP4 in a correct form when using them in VLC Player but this can be done by changing a few settings of VLC media player. Open VLC player > Go to tools > Preference > Codecs > Hardware-accelerated decoding > Disable to Automatic.

  • Change the file extensions

You can also resolve this problem by changing the extensions of the MP4 file to play it. Navigate to the folder where the video file is located and rename the extension from .mp4 to .mp4v and then click Yes.

How to fix the VLC player not working on android?

VLC is a media player that enables you to play multiple media files with ease and eradicate any need of making a conversion of the file, it works on all the devices including the smartphones but if mp4 file not playing in android even with the presence of VLC player then this issue can be fixed by following some methodologies mentioned below.

  • Open All Apps on your android device.
  • Tap the option of Settings.
  • Tap on Apps of your device.
  • Go to the VLC media player under the All tab option.
  • Clear all the Cache that is attached to the app information.
  • Tap OK to confirm.

If the HD Video Freezing while Playing in VLC then you can refer the steps given above. The process is more or less the same in every android device with a little change in the user interface. If you are unable to resolve to issue then contact the customer care of the android device for more information.


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