Email not working on android

Why is my email not working on my android?

No problem if your email is not working on your Android device. We were driven by the set of requests raised by the Android and iOS users, made long hours of discussions with the customer support engineers, and presented a few methods of dealing with the concerned problem. Dialling the official helpline number and asking why is my email not working on my iPhone or email not working on Android device is obviously the easiest way to handle this situation, but we suggest you follow the given methods first.

Reset your email password

1. Log in to your email account

2. Now you need to click on the expand icon in the row of concerned email address

3. Click on EDIT

4. It will open the EDIT ACCOUNT options

5. Click on the Change Password option

6. Now you are supposed to enter the new password twice

7. Click on SAVE and save the changes

Check your settings once again

Checking the email account settings is the other thing you are supposed to do if your concern is why is my email not working on my Android. Maybe you have mistyped a letter or two. So, we request you make double-check that you are using the correct incoming and outgoing servers, email address, and password to connect to your email account.

Download an Email Client Application

Some of the devices allow the users to download different email client applications by the use of your device's app store. There are some email clients in the app store that can be downloaded without paying any single penny. Downloading an Email Client Application is, however, an effective way to deal with email not working on android


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