How To Verify Youtube Account:Tips and Tricks

Steps to Verifying Your YouTube Account

Step 1

  • Login your youtube account 
  • And go to your youtube account settings and click on gear icon to open your youtube account setting option


Step 2

  • Get To Additional Features :From the Overview screen of your YouTube account, near the bottom is a link to View additional features. Click that.


Step 3 

  • Find and Click the Verify Button : On the Features screen near the top, next to your profile pic, you’ll see a button to Verify your account.


Step 4

  • Choose Your Country and Verification Method : select your country and then select any option whatever you want either verification by phone or verification by text.


  • When your choice has been done, a popup warns you to go and get the phone with the number you’re about to give Google click confirm you are ready


Step 4 

  • Enter the Phone Number : Click Submit and you should get the automated phone call or the text almost instantly.


Step 6 

Enter the Verification Code


Step 7 

  • Confirm that You’re Verified : after putup the code in text box you will redirect to the overview screen of your account and where the Verify button once was, it should now say Verified.



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