How to Fix Roku HDCP Error Code 020? Get Full overview

Everything You Need to Know About Roku Error Code 020 and HDCP Unauthorized Error

What is Roku Error Code 020? 

There are times when we are stuck with error on the screen. When you notice Roku error 020 which will mean that there Is HDCP error which stands for High bandwidth digital content protection, a type of DRM is the place where you can prevent data privacy. There comes a Roku error code 020 fix it. Happens when roku finds the TV content protection is not matching the one itself plus it can be also caused by bad and faulty HDMI cable or connectors. Moreover, this error is very common and can be easily solved. You can follow these below steps to fix the error.

How to Fix the 020 Error Code?

It can be frustrating when the error does not solve. Follow these simple steps in order to fix it in a hassle freeway

  • Notice if the screen color changes into purple when you turn on the Roku player. if case it does not then it is caused by HDMI cable and can result in disrupted streaming.
  • In this case, detach the HDMI cable from the Roku player as well as TV. Make sure you remove the HDMI connector if it is being used.
  • Turn off the TV from which Roku device has been connected to also detach the power cable.
  • Detach the Roku power cable then re-attach the HDMI cable to Roku player and ensure it is connected properly now proceed to TV power cable a well as Roku Device power cable. The Roku device will be turned on. Soon you might find that Roku error 020 has been removed.

These were the following way to follow when you find an error in Roku if still the problem Roku error code 020 Vizio tv persist then call customer care executive and talk regarding the same, they will help you throughout.

Know About HDCP Unauthorized Content Disabled

If you see HDCP unauthorized content disable then you might see purple color onscreen, mainly purple screen is the result of loose HDMI cable or bad HDMI cable cord. In case if this is the first time you are noticing HDCP purple screen after setting Roku then your Tv might not support it. This is generally getting true for an older version of TV  that would be having previous HDMI implementations. Follow these steps in order to solve this error message

  • On both Roku player and TV unplug the HDMI connectors.
  • Detach both TV and Roku for at least 30 seconds of time.
  • Now connect again both the ends and push them firmly in the place again.
  • Plugin both TV and Roku.
  • Turn on and try to view the video.
  • Note that if the above steps are not working then try to use different TV cable so as to make sure that currently used HDMI does not contain any defects.

Follow these steps for solving hassle-free unauthorized if still, you find any problem then free to contact customer service or more information regarding the Roku HDCP error issue or you can also drop an mail or visit help desk on the official site. Roku promises its customer world-class service and believes customer satisfaction.


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